SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2911—Petroleum Refining
Establishments primarily engaged in producing gasoline, kerosene, distillate fuel oils, residual fuel oils, and lubricants, through fractionation or straight distillation of crude oil, redistillation of unfinished petroleum derivatives, cracking or other processes. Establishments of this industry also produce aliphatic and aromatic chemicals as by-products. Establishments primarily engaged in producing natural gasoline from natural gas are classified in mining industries. Those manufacturing lubricating oils and greases by blending and compounding purchased materials are included in Industry 2992. Establishments primarily re-refining used lubricating oils are classified in Industry 2992. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cyclic and acyclic organic chemicals are classified in Major Group 28.

Acid oil, produced in petroleum refineriesKerosene
Alkylates, produced in petroleum refineriesMineral jelly, produced in petroleum refineries
Aromatic chemicals, made in petroleum refineriesMineral oils, natural: produced in petroleum refineries
Asphalt and asphaltic materials: liquid and solid produced inMineral waxes, natural: produced in petroleum refineries
Benzene, produced in petroleum refineriesNaphtha, produced in petroleum refineries
Butadiene, produced in petroleum refineriesNaphthenic acids, produced in petroleum refineries
Butylene, produced in petroleum refineriesOils fuel, lubricating, and illuminating produced in petroleum
Coke, petroleum produced in petroleum refineriesOils, partly refined sold for rerunning produced in petroleum
Ethylene, produced in petroleum refineriesParaffin wax, produced in petroleum refineries
Fractionation products of crude petroleum, produced in petroleumPetrolatums, produced in petroleum refineries
Gas, refinery or still oil produced in petroleum refineriesPetroleum refining
Gases, liquefied petroleum produced in petroleum refineriesPropylene, produced in petroleum refineries
Gasoline blending plantsRoad materials, bituminous: produced in petroleum refineries
Gasoline, except natural gasolineRoad oils, produced in petroleum refineries
Greases, lubricating: produced in petroleum refineriesSolvents, produced in petroleum refineries
Hydrocarbon fluid, produced in petroleum refineriesTar or residuum, produced in petroleum refineries
Jet fuels
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2911Petroleum Refining1,450
291100Petroleum refining663
29110000Petroleum refining663
291101Gases and liquefied petroleum gases128
29110100Gases and liquefied petroleum gases63
29110101Gas, refinery54
29110102Liquefied petroleum gases, LPG11
291102Light distillates106
29110200Light distillates6
29110202Gasoline blending plants20
29110203Jet fuels27
291103Intermediate distillates260
29110300Intermediate distillates1
29110301Acid oil1
29110302Diesel fuels122
29110303Oils, fuel128
29110304Oils, illuminating1
29110305Oils, partly refined: sold for rerunning7
29110306Still oil0
291104Heavy distillates71
29110400Heavy distillates2
29110401Mineral jelly1
29110402Mineral oils, natural13
29110403Mineral waxes, natural6
29110404Oils, lubricating41
29110405Paraffin wax8
29110501Asphalt or asphaltic materials, made in refineries39
29110502Coke, petroleum10
29110503Greases, lubricating5
29110504Petrolatums, nonmedicinal1
29110505Road materials, bituminous5
29110506Road oils4
29110507Tar or residuum0
291106Aromatic chemical products43
29110600Aromatic chemical products42
29110602Benzol (petroleum refining)1
291107Nonaromatic chemical products56
29110700Nonaromatic chemical products5
29110702Fuel additives51
291199Petroleum refining, nec18
29119901Fractionation products of crude petroleum, hydrocarbons, nec18