SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2899—Chemicals and Chemical Preparations, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing miscellaneous chemical preparations, not elsewhere classified, such as fatty acids, essential oils, gelatin (except vegetable), sizes, bluing, laundry sours, writing and stamp pad ink, industrial compounds, such as boiler and heat insulating compounds, metal, oil, and water—treating compounds, waterproofing compounds, and chemical supplies for foundries. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing vegetable gelatin (agar-agar) are classified in Industry 2833; those manufacturing dessert preparations based on gelatin are classified in Industry 2099; those manufacturing printing ink are classified in Industry 2893; and those manufacturing drawing ink are classified in Industry 3952.

Acid resist for etchingHeat treating salts
Acid, batteryHydrofluoric acid compound, for etching and polishing glass
Anise oilIgniter grains, boron potassium nitrate
Antifreeze compounds, except industrial alcoholIncense
Bay oilIndustrial sizes
Binders (chemical foundry supplies)Insulating compounds
BluingJet fuel igniters
Boiler compounds, antiscalingLaundry sours
Bombs, flashlightLemon oil
Caps, for toy pistolsLighter fluid
Carbon removing solventsMagnetic inspection oil and powder
Chemical cotton (processed cotton linters)Margaric acid
Chemical supplies for foundriesMetal drawing compound lubricants
Citronella oilMetal treating compounds
Concrete curing compounds (blends of pigments, waxes, and resins)Military pyrotechnics
Concrete hardening compoundsNapalm
Core oil and bindersOil treating compounds
Core wasOleic acid (red oil)
Core washOrange oil
Correction fluidOrris oil
Corrosion preventive lubricant, synthetic base: for jet enginesOssein
Deicing fluidOxidizers, inorganic
Desalter kits, sea waterPackers' salt
Dextrine sizesParting compounds (chemical foundry supplies)
Drilling mudPatching plaster, household
Dyes, householdPenetrants, inspection
Esothermics for metal industriesPeppermint oil
Essential oilsPlating compounds
Ethylene glycol antifreeze preparationsPyrotechnic ammunition: flares, signals, flashlight bombs, and rockets
Eucalyptus oilRailroad torpedoes
Facings (chemical foundry supplies)Red oil (oleic acid)
Fatty acids: margaric, oleic, and stearicRifle bore cleaning compounds
Fire extinguisher chargesRosin sizes
Fire retardant chemical preparationsRubber processing preparations
FireworksRust resisting compounds
Fluidifier (retarder) for concreteSignal flares, marine
Fluorescent inspection oilSizes: animal, vegetable, and synthetic plastics materials
Fluxes: brazing, soldering, galvanizing, and weldingSodium chloride, refined
Foam charge mixturesSoil testing kits
Food contamination testing and screening kitsSpearmint oil
Foundry supplies, chemical preparationsSpirit duplicating fluid
FritStearic acid
Fuel tank and engine cleaning chemicals, automotive and aircraftStencil correction compounds
Fusees: highway, marine, and railroadTints and dyes, household
Gelatin capsules, emptyTorches (fireworks)
Gelatin: edible, technical, photographic, and pharmaceuticalVegetable oils, vulcanized or sulfurized
Glue sizeWater treating compounds
Grapefruit oilWater, distilled
Grouting material (concrete mending compound)Waterproofing compounds
Gum sizesWintergreen oil
Gun slushing compoundsWood, plastic
Heat insulating compoundsWriting ink and fluids
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2899Chemical Preparations, Nec3,671
289900Chemical preparations, nec1,392
28990000Chemical preparations, nec1,392
289901Oils and essential oils408
28990100Oils and essential oils151
28990101Anise oil0
28990102Bay oil3
28990103Citronella oil0
28990104Core oil or binders3
28990105Essential oils142
28990106Eucalyptus oil0
28990107Grapefruit oil1
28990109Lemon oil (edible)0
28990110Magnetic inspection oil or powder8
28990111Orange oil2
28990113Peppermint oil2
28990114Spearmint oil0
28990115Vegetable oils, vulcanized or sulfurized3
28990201Acid resist for etching13
28990202Battery acid4
28990203Hydrofluoric acid compound, for etching or polishing glass3
28990301Gelatin capsules9
28990302Gelatin: edible, technical, photographic, or pharmaceutical21
289904Flares, fireworks, and similar preparations216
28990400Flares, fireworks, and similar preparations11
28990404Fusees: highway, marine, or railroad6
28990405Igniter grains, boron potassium nitrate4
28990406Jet fuel igniters2
28990407Pyrotechnic ammunition: flares, signals, rockets, etc.14
28990501Dextrine sizes0
28990503Gum sizes0
28990504Industrial sizes2
28990505Rosin sizes0
289999Chemical preparations, nec, nec1,529
28999901Anti-glare material5
28999902Antifreeze compounds26
28999903Antiscaling compounds, boiler7
28999905Carbon removing solvent7
28999906Chemical cotton (processed cotton linters)3
28999907Chemical supplies for foundries72
28999908Concrete curing and hardening compounds59
28999909Core wash or wax5
28999910Correction fluid0
28999911Corrosion preventive lubricant63
28999912Deicing or defrosting fluid9
28999913Desalter kits, sea water9
28999914Distilled water40
28999915Drilling mud16
28999916Dyes and tints, household4
28999917Fire extinguisher charges28
28999918Fire retardant chemicals48
28999919Fluxes: brazing, soldering, galvanizing, and welding82
28999920Foam charge mixtures18
28999921Food contamination testing or screening kits8
28999923Fuel tank or engine cleaning chemicals34
28999924Gun slushing compounds3
28999925Heat treating salts2
28999926Household tints or dyes7
28999927Ink or writing fluids73
28999928Insulating compounds27
28999929Laundry sours0
28999930Lighter fluid1
28999931Metal treating compounds41
28999933Oil treating compounds24
28999935Oxidizers, inorganic12
28999936Packers' salt0
28999937Patching plaster, household8
28999938Penetrants, inspection3
28999939Plastic wood12
28999940Plating compounds13
28999941Rifle bore cleaning compounds7
28999942Rust resisting compounds10
28999944Sodium chloride, refined5
28999945Soil testing kits5
28999946Spirit duplicating fluid0
28999947Stencil correction compounds0
28999948Water treating compounds266
28999949Waterproofing compounds53
28999950Oil absorption equipment7
28999951Fuel treating compounds11
28999952Drug testing kits, blood and urine155