SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2892—Explosives
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing explosives. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing ammunition for small arms are classified in Industry 3482, and those manufacturing fireworks are classified in Industry 2899.

Amatol (explosives)High explosives
Azides (explosives)Lead azide (explosives)
Blasting powder and blasting capsMercury azide (explosives)
Carbohydrates, nitrated (explosives)Nitrocellulose powder (explosives)
Cordeau detonant (explosives)Nitroglycerin (explosives)
Cordite (explosives)Nitromannitol (explosives)
Detonating caps for safety fusesNitrostarch (explosives)
Detonators (explosive compounds)Nitrosugars (explosives)
DynamitePentolite (explosives)
Explosive cartridges for concussion forming of metalPermissible explosives
Explosive compoundsPicric acid (explosives)
ExplosivesPowder, explosive: pellet, smokeless, and sporting
Fulminate of mercury (explosive compounds)Squibbs, electric
Fuse powderStyphnic acid
Fuses, safetyTetryl (explosives)
GunpowderWell shooting torpedoes (explosives)
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
289201Primary explosives, fuses and detonators16
28920100Primary explosives, fuses and detonators6
28920101Detonators and detonating caps4
28920102Detonators, high explosives5
28920104Fuse powder0
28920105Fuses, safety1
28920109Nitromannitol (explosive)0
289202Secondary high explosives54
28920200Secondary high explosives2
28920201Amatols (explosive)4
28920202Black powder (explosive)8
28920206Emulsions (explosive)1
28920208Explosive cartridges for concussion forming of metal1
28920210HMX, HBX0
28920211Nitroglycerin (explosive)0
28920212Nitromethane, NM (explosive)0
28920217Slurries (explosive)8
28920218Sporting powder (explosive)0
28920219Squibbs, electric3
28920220TNT and DNT, trinitrotoluene and dinitrotoluene1
28920222Well shooting torpedoes (explosive)2