Industry: 2891—Adhesives and Sealants
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial and household adhesives, glues, caulking compounds, sealants, and linoleum, tile, and rubber cements from vegetable, animal, or synthetic plastics materials, purchased or produced in the same establishment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing gelatin and sizes are classified in Industry 2899, and those manufacturing vegetable gelatin or agar-agar are classified in Industry 2833.

AdhesivesJoint compounds
Adhesives, plasticsLaminating compounds
Caulking compoundsMucilage
Cement (cellulose nitrate base)Paste, adhesive
Cement, linoleumPorcelain cement, household
Cement, mendingRubber cement
Epoxy adhesivesSealing compounds for pipe threads and joints
Glue, except dental: animal, vegetable, fish, casein, and syntheticresinSealing compounds, synthetic rubber and plastics
Iron cement, householdWax, sealing
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2891Adhesives and Sealants1,258
289100Adhesives and sealants295
28910000Adhesives and sealants295
28910101Caulking compounds18
28910102Laminating compounds8
28910103Sealing compounds for pipe threads or joints23
28910104Sealing compounds, synthetic rubber or plastic36
28910105Sealing wax6
28910201Adhesives, paste12
28910202Adhesives, plastic12
28910203Cement, except linoleum and tile14
28910204Cement, linoleum and tile5
28910205Epoxy adhesives37
28910208Rubber cement2