SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2879—Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the formulation and preparation of ready-to-use agricultural and household pest control chemicals, including insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, from technical chemicals or concentrates; and the production of concentrates which require further processing before use as agricultural pesticides. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing or formulating agricultural chemicals, not elsewhere classified, such as minor or trace elements and soil conditioners. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing basic or technical agricultural pest control chemicals are classified in Industry Group 281 if the chemicals are inorganic and in Industry Group 286 if they are organic. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing agricultural lime products are classified in Major Group 32.

Agricultural disinfectantsLindane, formulated
Agricultural pesticidesMoth repellants
Arsenates: calcium, copper, and lead-formulatedNicotine and salts
Arsenites, formulatedNicotine bearing insecticides
Bordeaux mixtureParis green (insecticide)
Calcium arsenate and arsenite, formulatedPesticides, household
Cattle dipsPhytoactin
Copper arsenate, formulatedPlant hormones
DefoliantsPoison: ant, rat, roach, and rodent-household
Elements, minor or trace (agricultural chemicals)Pyrethrin bearing preparations
Exterminating products, for household and industrial usePyrethrin concentrates
Fly spraysRodenticides
FungicidesRotenone bearing preparations
Growth regulants, agriculturalRotenone concentrates
HerbicidesSheep dips, chemical
Household insecticidesSodium arsenite (formulated)pp(Soil conditioners
Insect powder, householdSulfur dust (insecticide)
Insecticides, agriculturalThiocyanates, organic (formulated)
Lead arsenate, formulatedTrace elements (agricultural chemicals)
Lime-sulfur, dry and solutionXanthone (formulated)
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2879Agricultural Chemicals, Nec1,032
287900Agricultural chemicals, nec623
28790000Agricultural chemicals, nec623
287901Insecticides and pesticides284
28790100Insecticides and pesticides109
28790101Arsenates, arsenites (formulated)1
28790103Cattle dips1
28790104DDT (insecticide), formulated1
28790105Exterminating products, for household or industrial use16
28790106Insecticides, agricultural or household40
28790107Pesticides, agricultural or household116
28790108Pyrethrin concentrates and preparations0
28790110Sheep dips, chemical0
287999Agricultural chemicals, nec, nec125
28799901Agricultural disinfectants35
28799903Fungicides, herbicides28
28799904Plant hormones6
28799905Soil conditioners44
28799906Trace elements (agricultural chemicals)12