SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2869—Industrial Organic Chemicals, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial organic chemicals, not elsewhere classified. Important products of this industry include: (1) aliphatic and other acyclic organic chemicals, such as ethylene, butylene, and butadiene; acetic, chloroacetic, adipic, formic, oxalic, and tartaric acids and their metallic salts; chloral, formaldehyde, and methylamine; (2) solvents, such as amyl, butyl, and ethyl alcohols; methanol; amyl, butyl, and ethyl acetates; ethyl ether, ethylene glycol ether, and diethylene glycol ether; acetone, carbon disulfide and chlorinated solvents, such as carbon tetrachloride, perchloroethylene, and trichloroethylene; (3) polyhydric alcohols, such as ethylene glycol, sorbitol, pentaerythritol, synthetic glycerin; (4) synthetic perfume and flavoring materials, such as coumarin, methyl salicylate, saccharin, citral, citronellal, synthetic geraniol, ionone, terpineol, and synthetic vanillin; (5) rubber processing chemicals, such as accelerators and antioxidants, both cyclic and acyclic; (6) plasticizers, both cyclic and acyclic, such as esters of phosphoric acid, phthalic anhydride, adipic acid, lauric acid, oleic acid, sebacic acid, and stearic acid; (7) synthetic tanning agents, such as naphthalene sulfonic acid condensates; (8) chemical warfare gases; and (9) esters, amines, etc., of polyhydric alcohols and fatty and other acids. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing plastics materials and nonvulcanizable elastomers are classified in Industry 2821; those manufacturing synthetic rubber are classified in Industry 2822; those manufacturing essential oils are classified in Industry 2899; those manufacturing wood distillation products, naval stores and natural dyeing and tanning materials are classified in Industry 2861; those manufacturing manmade textile fibers are classified in Industries 2823 and 2824; those manufacturing specialty cleaning, polishing, and sanitation preparations are classified in Industry 2842; those manufacturing paints are classified in Industry 2851; those manufacturing area are classified in Industry 2873; those manufacturing organic pigments are classified in Industry 2865; those manufacturing inorganic pigments are classified in Industry 2816 and those manufacturing aliphatics and aromatics as by-products of petroleum refining are classified in Industry 2911. Distilleries engaged in the manufacture of grain alcohol for beverage purposes are classified in Industry 2085.

AcetaldehydeHigh purity grade chemicals, organic: refined from technical grades
Acetates, except natural acetate of limeHydraulic fluids, synthetic base
Acetic acid, syntheticIndustrial organic cyclic compounds
Acetic anhydrideIonone
AcetinIsopropyl alcohol
Acetone, syntheticKetone methyl ethyl
Acid esters and aminesKetone, methyl isobutyl
Acids, organicLaboratory chemicals, organic
AcroleinLauric acid esters
AcrylonitrileLime citrate
Adipic acidMalononitrile, technical grade
Adipic acid estersMetallic salts of acyclic organic chemicals
AdiponitrileMetallic stearate
Alcohol, aromaticMethanol, synthetic (methyl alcohol)
Alcohol, fatty: powderedMethyl chloride
Alcohol, methyl: synthetic (methanol)Methyl perhydrofluorine
Alcohols, industrial: denatured (nonbeverage)Methyl salicylate
Algin productsMethylamine
Amyl acetate and alcoholMethylene chloride
BromochloromethaneMonomethylparaminophenol sulfate
Butadiene, made in chemical plantsMonosodium glutamate
Butyl acetate, alcohol, and propionateMustard gas
Butyl ester solution of 2, 4-DNaphthalene sulfonic acid condensates
Butylene, made in chemical plantsNaphthenic acid soap
Calcium oxalateNormal hexyl decalin
Camphor, syntheticNuclear fuels, organic
CaprolactamOleic acid esters
Carbon bisulfide (disulfide)Organic acid esters
Carbon tetrachlorideOrganic chemicals, acyclic
Casing fluids for curing fruits, spices, and tobaccoOxalates
Cellulose acetate, unplasticizedOxalic acid and metallic salts
Chemical warfare gasesPentaerythritol
Chlorinated solventsPerfume materials, synthetic
Chloroacetic acid and metallic saltsPhosgene
ChloropicrinPlasticizers, organic: cyclic and acyclic
CitralPolyhydric alcohol esters and amines
CitratesPolyhydric alcohols
Citric acidPotassium bitartrate
CitronellalPropellants for missiles, solid: organic
CoumarinPropylene glycol
Cream of tartarPropylene, made in chemical plants
CyclopropaneQuinuclidinol ester of benzylic acid
DecahydronaphthaleneReagent grade chemicals, organic: refined from technical grades, except diagnostic and substances
DichlorodifluoromethaneRocket engine fuel, organic
Diethylcyclohexane (mixed isomers)Rubber processing chemicals, organic: accelerators and antioxidants
Diethylene glycol etherSaccharin
Dimethyl divinyl acetylene (di-isopropenyl acetylene)Sebacic acid
Dimethylhydrazine, unsymmetricalSilicones
Enzymes, except diagnostic substancesSodium acetate
Esters of phosphoric, adipic, lauric, oleic, sebacic, and stearic acidsSodium alginate
Esters of phthalic anhydrideSodium benzoate
Ethanol, industrialSodium glutamate
EtherSodium pentachlorophenate
Ethyl acetate, syntheticSodium sulfoxalate formaldehyde
Ethyl alcohol, industrial (nonbeverage)Solvents, organic
Ethyl butyrateSorbitol
Ethyl cellulose, unplasticizedStearic acid salts
Ethyl chlorideSulfonated naphthalene
Ethyl etherSweetners, synthetic
Ethyl formateTackifiers, organic
Ethyl nitriteTannic acid
Ethyl perhydrophenanthreneTanning agents, synthetic organic
Ethylene glycolTartaric acid and metallic salts
Ethylene glycol etherTartrates
Ethylene glycol, inhibitedTear gas
Ethylene oxideTerpineol
Ethylene, made in chemical plantsTert-butylated bis (p-phenoxyphenyl) ether fluid
Fatty acid esters and aminesTetrachloroethylene
Ferric ammonium oxalateTetraethyl lead
Flavors and flavoring materials, syntheticThioglycolic acid, for permanent wave lotions
Fluorinated hydrocarbon gasesTrichloroethylene
Formaldehyde (formalin)Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid
Formic acid and metallic saltsTrichlorotrifluoroethane tetrachlorodifluoroethane isopropyl alcohol
Fuel propellants, solid: organicTricresyl phosphate
Fuels, high energy: organicTridecyl alcohol
Geraniol, syntheticTrimethyltrithiophosphite (rocket propellants)
Glycerin, except from fats (synthetic)Triphenyl phosphate
Grain alcohol, industrial (nonbeverage)Vanillin, synthetic
HexamethylenediamineVinyl acetate
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2869Industrial Organic Chemicals, Nec3,562
286900Industrial organic chemicals, nec1,151
28690000Industrial organic chemicals, nec1,151
286901Alcohols, non beverage324
28690100Alcohols, non beverage29
28690101Alcohols, industrial: denatured (non-beverage)18
28690102Amyl alcohol1
28690103Butyl alcohol, butanol2
28690104Ethyl alcohol, ethanol252
28690105Ethylene glycols4
28690106Grain alcohol, industrial7
28690108Methyl alcohol, synthetic, methanol10
28690202Propylene, butylene4
286903Amines, acids, salts, esters50
28690300Amines, acids, salts, esters14
28690301Acetates: amyl, butyl, and ethyl2
28690302Acetic and chloroacetic acid and metallic salts1
28690303Adipic acid and metallic salts0
28690305Esters of phthalic anhydride0
28690307Fatty acid esters, aminos, etc.13
28690311Oxalic acid and metallic salts1
28690312Phosphoric acid esters1
28690313Polyhydric alcohol esters, aminos, etc.1
28690316Tannic acid0
28690318Vinyl acetate3
28690401Rocket engine fuel, organic7
286905Perfumes, flavorings, and food additives143
28690500Perfumes, flavorings, and food additives55
28690501Flavors or flavoring materials, synthetic34
28690502Monosodium glutamate1
28690503Perfume materials, synthetic27
28690506Sweeteners, synthetic25
28690507Vanillin, synthetic1
286906Aldehydes and ketones11
28690600Aldehydes and ketones1
28690602Acetone, synthetic1
28690603Formaldehyde (formalin)9
28690604Ketone: methyl ethyl and methyl isobutyl0
286999Industrial organic chemicals, nec, nec506
28699901Accelerators, rubber processing: cyclic or acyclic9
28699902Antioxidants, rubber processing: cyclic or acyclic4
28699903Butadiene (industrial organic chemical)8
28699904Camphor, synthetic0
28699905Carbon disulfide1
28699907Casing fluids for curing fruits, spices, tobacco, etc.1
28699908Chemical warfare gases: phosgene, mustard gas, tear gas5
28699910Chlorinated solvents0
28699913DDT, technical6
28699914Embalming fluids9
28699917Ethylene oxide2
28699918Fluorinated hydrocarbon gases8
28699921Glycol ethers4
28699922High purity grade chemicals, organic39
28699923Hydraulic fluids, synthetic base27
28699924Laboratory chemicals, organic156
28699926Plasticizers, organic: cyclic and acyclic15
28699928Solvents, organic15
28699929Tanning agents, synthetic organic1