Industry: 2865—Cyclic Organic Crudes and Intermediates, and Organic Dyes and Pigments
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cyclic organic crudes and intermediates, and organic dyes and pigments. Important products of this industry include: (1) aromatic chemicals, such as benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes naphthalene; (2) synthetic organic dyes; and (3) synthetic organic pigments. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing coal tar crudes in chemical recovery ovens are classified in Industry 3312, and petroleum refineries which produce such products as by-products of petroleum refining are classified in Industry 2911.

Acid dyes, syntheticEosine toners
Acids, coal tar: derived from coal tar distillationEthylbenzene
Alkylated dipheoylamines, mixedHydroquinone
Alkylated phenol, mixedIsocyanates
AminoanthraquinoneLake red C toners
AminoazobenzeneLeather dyes and stains, synthetic
AminoazotolueneLithol rubine lakes and toners
AminophenolMaleic anhydride
AnilineMethyl violet toners
Aniline oilNaphtha, solvent: made in chemical plants
AnthraceneNaphthalene chips and flakes
Anthraquinone dyesNaphthalene, made in chemical plants
Azine dyesNaphthol, alpha and beta
Azo dyesNitro dyes
Azoic dyesNitrobenzene
Benzene hexachloride (BHC)Nitroso dyes
Benzene, made in chemical plantsOils: light, medium, and heavy: made in chemical plants
Benzoic acidOrganic pigments (lakes and toners)
Biological stainsOrthodichlorobenzene
Chemical indicatorsPaint pigments, organic
ChlorobenzenePeacock blue lake
ChlorophenolPersian orange lake
Coal tar crudes, derived from coal tar distillationPhloxine toners
Coal tar distillatesPhosphomolybdic acid lakes and toners
Coal tar intermediatesPhosphotungstic acid lakes and toners
Color lakes and tonersPhthalic anhydride
Color pigments, organic: except animal black and bone blackPhthalocyanine toners
Colors, dry: lakes, toners, or full strength organic colorsPigment scarlet lake
Colors, extended (color lakes)Pitch, product of coal tar distillation
Cosmetic dyes, syntheticPulp colors, organic
Creosote oil, made in chemical plantsQuinoline dyes
Cresols, made in chemical plantsResorcinol
Cresylic acid, made in chemical plantsScarlet 2 R lake
Cyclic crudes, coal tar: product of coal tar distillationStilbene dyes
Cyclic intermediates, made in chemical plantsStyrene
CyclohexaneStyrene monomer
DiphenylamineTar, product of coal tar distillation
Drug dyes, syntheticToluene, made in chemical plants
Dye (cyclic) intermediatesToluidines
Dyes, food: syntheticVat dyes, synthetic
Dyes, synthetic organicXylene, made in chemical plants
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2865Cyclic Crudes and Intermediates293
286500Cyclic crudes and intermediates42
28650000Cyclic crudes and intermediates42
286501Dyes and pigments144
28650100Dyes and pigments55
28650101Acid dyes, synthetic2
28650106Biological stains2
28650107Color lakes or toners13
28650108Color pigments, organic56
28650109Drug dyes, synthetic0
28650110Dyes, synthetic organic9
28650111Dyes: azine, azo, azoic2
28650112Food dyes or colors, synthetic3
286502Cyclic organic crudes18
28650200Cyclic organic crudes1
28650207Phenol, alkylated and cumene5
28650208Solvent naphtha1
286503Cyclic organic intermediates16
28650300Cyclic organic intermediates4
28650303Aniline, nitrobenzene2
28650314Dye (cyclic) intermediates6
28650316Maleic anhydride0
286504Tar, coal tar, and related chemicals59
28650400Tar, coal tar, and related chemicals5
28650402Coal tar: crudes, intermediates, and distillates15
286599Cyclic crudes and intermediates, nec14
28659901Chemical indicators14