SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2851—Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Enamels, and Allied Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing paints (in paste and ready-mixed form); varnishes; lacquers; enamels and shellac; putties, wood fillers, and sealers; paint and varnish removers; paint brush cleaners; and allied paint products. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing carbon black are classified in Industry 2895; those manufacturing bone black, lamp black, and inorganic color pigments are classified in Industry 2816; those manufacturing organic color pigments are classified in Industry 2865; those manufacturing plastics materials are classified in Industry 2821; those manufacturing printing ink are classified in Industry 2893; those manufacturing caulking compounds and sealants are classified in Industry 2891; those manufacturing artists'paints are classified in Industry 3952; and those manufacturing turpentine are classified in Industry 2861.

Calcimines, dry and pastePaints, plastics texture: paste and dry
Coating, air curingPaints, waterproof
Colors in oil, except artists'Paints: oil and alkyd vehicle, and water thinned
Dispersions, thermoplastics and colloidal: paintPhenol formaldehyde coatings, baking and air curing
Dopes, paintPlastics base paints and varnishes
Driers, paintPlastisol coating compound
Enamels, except dental and china paintingPolyurethane coatings
Epoxy coatings, made from purchased resinPrimers, paint
Intaglio ink vehiclePutty
Japans, baking and dryingResinate driers
Kalsomines, dry or pasteShellac, protective coating
Lacquer bases and dopesSoyate driers
Lacquer thinnerStains: varnish, oil, and wax
Lacquer, clear and pigmentedTallate driers
Lacquers, plasticsThinners, paint: prepared
Lead-in-oil paintsUndercoatings, paint
Linoleates, paint driersVarnish removers
Lithographic varnishesVarnishes
Marine paintsVinyl coatings, strippable
Naphthanate driersVinyl plastisol
Oleate driersWater paints
Paint driersWood fillers and sealers
Paint removersWood stains
Paintbrush cleanersZinc oxide in oil, paint
Paints, asphalt and bituminous
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2851Paints and Allied Products2,306
285100Paints and allied products1,145
28510000Paints and allied products1,145
285101Paints and paint additives459
28510100Paints and paint additives279
28510101Colors in oil, except artists'15
28510102Lead-in-oil paints10
28510103Marine paints25
28510104Paint driers3
28510105Paints, asphalt or bituminous16
28510106Paints, waterproof35
28510107Paints: oil or alkyd vehicle or water thinned46
28510108Plastics base paints and varnishes12
28510109Undercoatings, paint18
285102Lacquers, varnishes, enamels, and other coatings525
28510200Lacquers, varnishes, enamels, and other coatings122
28510201Coating, air curing74
28510202Enamels, nec12
28510203Epoxy coatings118
28510204Intaglio ink vehicle1
28510206Lacquer: bases, dopes, thinner18
28510207Lithographic varnishes0
28510208Polyurethane coatings59
28510209Shellac (protective coating)41
28510210Stains: varnish, oil, or wax9
28510211Varnishes, nec28
28510212Vinyl coatings, strippable25
28510213Wood stains17
285103Putty, wood fillers and sealers33
28510300Putty, wood fillers and sealers3
28510302Wood fillers or sealers14
285104Removers and cleaners144
28510400Removers and cleaners119
28510401Paint removers25
28510402Paintbrush cleaners0
28510403Varnish removers0