SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2844—Perfumes, Cosmetics, and Other Toilet Preparations
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing perfumes (natural and synthetic), cosmetics, and other toilet preparations. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in blending and compounding perfume bases; and those manufacturing shampoos and shaving products, whether from soap or synthetic detergents. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing synthetic perfume and flavoring materials are classified in Industry 2869, and those manufacturing essential oils are classified in Industry 2899.

Bath saltsHome permanent kits
Bay rumLipsticks
Body powderManicure preparations
Concentrates, perfumePerfume bases, blending and compounding
Cosmetic creamsPerfumes, natural and synthetic
Cosmetic lotions and oilsSachet
CosmeticsShampoos, hair
DentifricesShaving preparations: e.g., cakes, creams, lotions, powders, tablets
Denture cleanersSoap impregnated papers and paper washcloths
Deodorants, personalSuntan lotions and oils
Depilatories, cosmeticTalcum powders
Dressings, cosmeticToilet creams, powders, and waters
Face creams and lotionsToilet preparations
Face powdersToothpastes and powders
Hair coloring preparationsTowelettes, premoistened
Hair preparations: dressings, rinses, tonics, and scalp conditionersWashes, cosmetic
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2844Toilet Preparations4,550
284400Toilet preparations1,876
28440000Toilet preparations1,876
284401Hair preparations, including shampoos433
28440100Hair preparations, including shampoos264
28440101Bleaches, hair2
28440102Hair coloring preparations31
28440103Home permanent kits4
28440104Shampoos, rinses, conditioners: hair126
28440105Tonics, hair6
284402Oral preparations68
28440200Oral preparations20
28440201Denture cleaners5
28440203Toothpastes or powders, dentifrices31
284403Perfumes and colognes249
28440300Perfumes and colognes160
28440302Concentrates, perfume24
28440303Perfumes, natural or synthetic46
284404Shaving preparations65
28440400Shaving preparations27
28440401Lotions, shaving38
284405Cosmetic preparations1,430
28440500Cosmetic preparations925
28440501Depilatories (cosmetic)23
28440502Face creams or lotions317
28440504Suntan lotions and oils61
284499Toilet preparations, nec429
28449901Bath salts98
28449902Deodorants, personal84
28449903Manicure preparations162
28449904Powder: baby, face, talcum, or toilet11
28449905Toilet preparations59
28449906Towelettes, premoistened15