Industry: 2843—Surface Active Agents, Finishing Agents, Sulfonated Oils, and Assistants
Establishments primarily engaged in producing surface active preparations for use as wetting agents, emulsifiers, and penetrants. Establishments engaged in producing sulfonated oils and fats and related products are also included.

Assistants, textile and leather processingSodium salts of sulfonated oils, fats, or greases
Calcium salts of sulfonated oils, fats, or greasesSofteners (textile assistants)
Cod oil, sulfonatedSoluble oils and greases
Emulsifiers, except food and pharmaceuticalSulfonated oils, fats, and greases
Finishing agents, textile and leatherSurface active agents
MordantsTextile processing assistants
Oil, turkey redTextile scouring compounds and wetting agents
Oils, soluble (textile assistants)Thin water (admixture)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2843Surface Active Agents159
284300Surface active agents55
28430000Surface active agents55
284301Oils and greases24
28430100Oils and greases23
28430101Soluble oils or greases0
28430102Sulfonated oils, fats, or greases1
284302Finishing agents51
28430200Finishing agents13
28430201Leather finishing agents10
28430202Textile finishing agents28
284303Processing assistants29
28430300Processing assistants14
28430301Emulsifiers, except food and pharmaceutical5
28430302Leather processing assistants1
28430303Softeners (textile assistants)4
28430304Textile processing assistants5
284399Surface active agents, nec0