SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2842—Specialty Cleaning, Polishing, and Sanitation Preparations
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing furniture, metal, and other polishes; waxes and dressings for fabricated leather and other materials; household, institutional, and industrial plant disinfectants; nonpersonal deodorants; drycleaning preparations; household bleaches; and other sanitation preparations. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial bleaches are classified in Industry 2819, and those manufacturing household pesticidal preparations are classified in Industry 2879.

Ammonia, householdHousehold bleaches, dry or liquid
Aqua ammonia, householdIndustrial plant disinfectants and odorants
Beeswax, processing ofInk eradicators
Belt dressingInk, burnishing
BlackingsLeather dressings and finishes
Burnishing inkLye, household
Chlorine bleaching compounds, household: liquid or dryPaint and wallpaper cleaners
Cleaning and polishing preparationsPolishes: furniture, automobile, metal, shoe, and stove
Cloths, dusting and polishing: chemically treatedRe-refining drycleaning fluid
Degreasing solventRug, upholstery, and drycleaning detergents and spotters
Deodorants, nonpersonalRust removers
Disinfectants, household and industrial plantSaddle soap
Drain pipe solvents and cleanersSanitation preparations
Dressings for fabricated leather and other materialsShoe cleaners and polishes
Drycleaning preparationsSodium hypochlorite (household bleach)
Dust mats, gelatinStain removers
Dusting cloths, chemically treatedStarch preparations, laundry
Dye removing cream, petroleum baseStarches, plastics
Fabric softenersSweeping compounds, oil and water absorbent, clay or sawdust
Floor wax emulsionWallpaper cleaners
Floor waxesWax removers
Furniture polish and waxWaxes for wood, fabricated leather, and other materials
Glass window cleaning preparationsWindow cleaning preparations
Harness dressing
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2842Polishes and Sanitation Goods1,876
284200Polishes and sanitation goods433
28420000Polishes and sanitation goods433
284201Specialty cleaning805
28420100Specialty cleaning324
28420101Ammonia, household12
28420102Cleaning or polishing preparations, nec273
28420103Degreasing solvent25
28420104Drain pipe solvents or cleaners38
28420106Paint and wallpaper cleaners6
28420107Rust removers16
28420108Stain removers14
28420109Sweeping compounds, oil or water absorbent, clay or sawdust43
28420110Wax removers12
28420111Window cleaning preparations42
284202Polishing preparations and related products261
28420200Polishing preparations and related products22
28420201Automobile polish110
28420202Beeswax, processing of16
28420203Dusting cloths, chemically treated6
28420204Floor waxes20
28420205Furniture polish or wax4
28420206Leather dressings and finishes10
28420207Metal polish49
28420208Shoe polish or cleaner7
28420209Waxes for wood, leather, and other materials17
284203Drycleaning preparations55
28420300Drycleaning preparations36
28420301Rug, upholstery, or dry cleaning detergents or spotters19
284204Sanitation preparations, disinfectants and deodorants232
28420400Sanitation preparations, disinfectants and deodorants85
28420401Deodorants, nonpersonal32
28420402Disinfectants, household or industrial plant40
28420403Industrial plant disinfectants or deodorants15
28420404Sanitation preparations60
284205Laundry cleaning preparations73
28420500Laundry cleaning preparations70
28420501Fabric softeners1
28420502Starch preparations, laundry2
284299Polishes and sanitation goods, nec17
28429901Bleaches, household: dry or liquid17