Industry: 2841—Soap and Other Detergents, Except Specialty Cleaners
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soap, synthetic organic detergents, inorganic alkaline detergents, or any combination thereof, and establishments producing crude and refined glycerin from vegetable and animal fats and oils. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing shampoos or shaving products, whether from soap or synthetic detergents, are classified in Industry 2844; and those manufacturing synthetic glycerin are classified in Industry 2869.

Detergents, synthetic organic and inorganic alkalinePresoaks
Dishwashing compoundsScouring compounds
Dye removing cream, soap baseSoap: granulated, liquid, cake, flaked, and chip
Glycerin, crude and refined: from fats except syntheticTextile soap
Mechanics' pasteWashing compounds
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2841Soap and Other Detergents1,163
284100Soap and other detergents699
28410000Soap and other detergents699
284199Soap and other detergents, nec464
28419901Detergents, synthetic organic or inorganic alkaline126
28419902Dishwashing compounds5
28419903Glycerin, crude or refined: from fats6
28419904Scouring compounds4
28419905Soap: granulated, liquid, cake, flaked, or chip225
28419906Textile soap98