SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2835—In Vitro and In Vivo Diagnostic Substances
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing in vitro and in vivo diagnostic substances, whether or not packaged for retail sale. These materials are chemical, biological, or radioactive substances used in diagnosing or monitoring the state of human or veterinary health by identifying and measuring normal or abnormal constituents of body fluids or tissues.

Angiourographic diagnostic agentsHematology diagnostic reagents
Barium diagnostic agentsIn vitro diagnostics
Blood derivative diagnostic reagentsIn vivo diagnostics
Clinical chemistry reagents (including toxicology)In vivo radioactive reagents
Clinical chemistry standards and controls (including toxicology)Iodinated diagnostic agents
Coagulation diagnostic reagentsMetabolite diagnostic reagents
Cold kits for labeling with technetiumMicrobiology, virology, and serology diagnostic products
Contrast media diagnostic products (e.g., iodine and barium)Pregnancy test kits
Cytology and histology diagnostic productsRadioactive diagnostic substances
Diagnostic agents, biologicalTechnetium products
Electrolyte diagnostic reagentsViral test diagnostic reagents
Enzyme and isoenzyme diagnostic reagents
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2835Diagnostic Substances873
283500Diagnostic substances354
28350000Diagnostic substances354
283599Diagnostic substances, nec519
28359901Barium diagnostic agents2
28359902Blood derivative diagnostic agents26
28359903Cytology and histology diagnostic agents14
28359904Electrolyte diagnostic agents2
28359905Enzyme and isoenzyme diagnostic agents15
28359906Hemotology diagnostic agents8
28359907In vitro diagnostics178
28359908In vivo diagnostics15
28359909Microbiology and virology diagnostic products146
28359910Pregnancy test kits39
28359911Radioactive diagnostic substances52
28359912Veterinary diagnostic substances22