SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2834—Pharmaceutical Preparations
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing, fabricating, or processing drugs in pharmaceutical preparations for human or veterinary use. The greater part of the products of these establishments are finished in the form intended for final consumption, such as ampoules, tablets, capsules, vials, ointments, medicinal powders, solutions, and suspensions. Products of this industry consist of two important lines, namely: (1) pharmaceutical preparations promoted primarily to the dental, medical, or veterinary professions, and (2) pharmaceutical preparations promoted primarily to the public.

Adrenal pharmaceutical preparationsLiniments
AnalgesicsLip balms
Anesthetics, packagedLozenges, pharmaceutical
AntacidsMedicines, capsuled or ampuled
AnthelminticsNitrofuran preparations
Antibiotics, packagedOintments
Antihistamine preparationsParenteral solutions
AntipyreticsPenicillin preparations
Antiseptics, medicinalPharmaceuticals
Astringents, medicinalPills, pharmaceutical
Barbituric acid pharmaceutical preparationsPituitary gland pharmaceutical preparations
Belladonna pharmaceutical preparationsPoultry and animal remedies
Botanical extracts: powdered, pilular, solid, and fluid, except diagnosticsPowders, pharmaceutical
Chlorination tablets and kits (water purification)Procaine pharmaceutical preparations
Cold remediesProprietary drug products
Cough medicinesRemedies, human and animal
Cyclopropane for anesthetic use (U.S.P. par N.F.), packagedSodium chloride solution for injection, U.S.P.
Dermatological preparationsSodium salicylate tablets
Dextrose and sodium chloride injection, mixedSolutions, pharmaceutical
Dextrose injectionSpirits, pharmaceutical
Digitalis pharmaceutical preparationsSuppositories
DiureticsSyrups, pharmaceutical
Effervescent saltsTablets, pharmaceutical
Emulsifiers, fluorescent inspectionThyroid preparations
Emulsions, pharmaceuticalTinctures, pharmaceutical
Fever remediesTranquilizers and mental drug preparations
Galenical preparationsVermifuges
Hormone preparations, except diagnosticsVeterinary pharmaceutical preparations
Insulin preparationsVitamin preparations
Intravenous solutionsWater decontamination or purification tablets
Iodine, tincture ofWater, sterile: for injections
LaxativesZinc ointment
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2834Pharmaceutical Preparations7,296
283400Pharmaceutical preparations5,061
28340000Pharmaceutical preparations5,061
283401Drugs affecting neoplasms and endrocrine systems78
28340100Drugs affecting neoplasms and endrocrine systems21
28340101Adrenal pharmaceutical preparations29
28340102Hormone preparations19
28340103Insulin preparations5
28340104Pituitary gland pharmaceutical preparations2
28340105Thyroid preparations2
283402Drugs acting on the central nervous system & sense organs90
28340200Drugs acting on the central nervous system & sense organs61
28340202Barbituric acid pharmaceutical preparations0
28340203Procaine pharmaceutical preparations1
28340204Sodium salicylate tablets0
28340205Tranquilizers or mental drug preparations7
283403Drugs acting on the cardiovascular system, except diagnostic46
28340300Drugs acting on the cardiovascular system, except diagnostic37
28340301Digitalis pharmaceutical preparations9
283404Drugs acting on the respiratory system58
28340400Drugs acting on the respiratory system22
28340401Antihistamine preparations0
28340402Cold remedies2
28340403Cough medicines16
28340404Lozenges, pharmaceutical9
28340405Syrups, pharmaceutical9
283405Drugs acting on the gastrointestinal or genitourinary system25
28340500Drugs acting on the gastrointestinal or genitourinary system18
28340504Effervescent salts1
28340601Astringents, medicinal1
28340603Lip balms38
283407Vitamin, nutrient, and hematinic preparations for human use533
28340700Vitamin, nutrient, and hematinic preparations for human use302
28340701Intravenous solutions24
28340702Vitamin preparations207
283408Drugs affecting parasitic and infective diseases46
28340800Drugs affecting parasitic and infective diseases17
28340801Antibiotics, packaged12
28340802Antiseptics, medicinal10
28340803Iodine, tincture of2
28340804Penicillin preparations4
283499Pharmaceutical preparations, nec1,105
28349901Chlorination tablets and kits (water purification)53
28349902Druggists' preparations (pharmaceuticals)367
28349903Emulsions, pharmaceutical14
28349904Extracts of botanicals: powdered, pilular, solid, or fluid32
28349905Medicines, capsuled or ampuled140
28349906Pills, pharmaceutical59
28349907Powders, pharmaceutical36
28349908Proprietary drug products121
28349909Solutions, pharmaceutical113
28349910Tablets, pharmaceutical56
28349911Veterinary pharmaceutical preparations110
28349912Water, sterile: for injections4