SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2833—Medicinal Chemicals and Botanical Products
Establishments primarily engaged in: (1) manufacturing bulk organic and inorganic medicinal chemicals and their derivatives and (2) processing (grading, grinding, and milling) bulk botanical drugs and herbs. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing agar-agar and similar products of natural origin, endocrine products, manufacturing or isolating basic vitamins, and isolating active medicinal principals such as alkaloids from botanical drugs and herbs.

Adrenal derivatives: bulk, uncompoundedHormones and derivatives
Agar-agar (ground)Insulin: bulk, uncompounded
Alkaloids and saltsKelp plants
Anesthetics, in bulk formMercury chlorides, U.S.P.
Antibiotics: bulk uncompoundedMercury compounds, medicinal: organic and inorganic
Atropine and derivativesMorphine and derivatives
Barbituric acid and derivatives: bulk, uncompoundedOils, vegetable and animal: medicinal grade refined and concentrated
Botanical products, medicinal: ground, graded, and milledOpium derivatives
Brucine and derivativesOx bile salts and derivatives: bulk, uncompounded
Caffeine and derivativesPenicillin: bulk, uncompounded
Chemicals, medicinal: organic and inorganic bulk, uncompoundedPhysostigmine and derivatives
Cinchona and derivativesPituitary gland derivatives: bulk, uncompounded
Cocaine and derivativesProcaine and derivatives: bulk, uncompounded
Codeine and derivativesQuinine and derivatives
Drug grading, grinding, and millingSalicylic acid derivatives, medicinal grade
Endocrine productsStrychnine and derivatives
Ephedrine and derivativesSulfa drugs: bulk, uncompounded
Ergot alkaloidsSulfonamides
Fish liver oils, refined and concentrated for medicinal useTheobromine
Gland derivatives: bulk uncompoundedVegetable gelatin (agar-agar)
GlycosidesVitamins, natural and synthetic: bulk, uncompounded
Herb grinding, grading, and milling
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2833Medicinals and Botanicals1,568
283300Medicinals and botanicals722
28330000Medicinals and botanicals722
283301Medicinal chemicals475
28330100Medicinal chemicals120
28330101Anesthetics, in bulk form12
28330102Barbituric acid and derivatives0
28330103Inorganic medicinal chemicals: bulk, uncompounded7
28330104Mercury compounds, medicinal1
28330105Organic medicinal chemicals: bulk, uncompounded56
28330107Sulfa drugs2
28330109Vitamins, natural or synthetic: bulk, uncompounded277
283302Alkaloids and other botanical based products280
28330200Alkaloids and other botanical based products11
28330201Agar-agar (ground)6
28330203Botanical products, medicinal: ground, graded, or milled105
28330205Caffeine and derivatives3
28330208Codeine and derivatives2
28330210Drugs and herbs: grading, grinding, and milling145
28330211Ephedrine and derivatives0
28330213Opium derivatives1
28330215Strychnine and derivatives0
28330217Vegetable oils, medicinal grade: refined or concentrated5
28330301Penicillin: bulk, uncompounded0
283304Animal based products61
28330400Animal based products42
28330401Adrenal derivatives8
28330402Animal oils, medicinal grade: refined or concentrated5
28330403Endocrine products2
28330404Fish liver oils: refined or concentrated for medicinal use0
28330405Hormones or derivatives4
28330406Insulin: bulk, uncompounded0