Industry: 2821—Plastics Materials, Synthetic Resins, and Nonvulcanizable Elastomers
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing synthetic resins, plastics materials, and nonvulcanizable elastomers. Important products of this industry include: cellulose plastics materials; phenolic and other tar acid resins; urea and melamine resins; vinyl resins; styrene resins; alkyd resins; acrylic resins; polyethylene resins; polypropylene resins; rosin modified resins; coumarone-indene and petroleum polymer resins; miscellaneous resins, including polyamide resins, silicones, polyisobutylenes, polyesters, polycarbonate resins, acetal resins, and fluorohydrocarbon resins; and casein plastics. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fabricated plastics products or plastics film, sheet, rod, non-textile monofilaments and regenerated cellulose products, and vulcanized fiber are classified in Industry Group 308, whether from purchased resins or from resins produced in the same plant. Establishments primarily engaged in compounding purchased resins are classified in Industry 3087. Establishments primarily manufacturing adhesives are classified in Industry 2891.

Acetal resinsMolding compounds, plastics
Acetate cellulose (plastics)Nitrocellulose plastics (pyroxylin)
Acrylic resinsNylon resins
Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resinsPetroleum polymer resins
Alcohol resins, polyvinylPhenol-furfural resins
Alkyd resinsPhenolic resins
Allyl resinsPhenoxy resins
Butadiene copolymers, containing less than 50 percent butadienePhthalic alkyd resins
Carbohydrate plasticsPhthalic anhydride resins
Casein plasticsPolyacrylonitrile resins
Cellulose nitrate resinsPolyamide resins
Cellulose propionate (plastics)Polycarbonate resins
Coal tar resinsPolyesters
Condensation plasticsPolyethylene resins
Coumarone-indene resinsPolyhexamethylenediamine adipamide resins
Cresol resinsPolyisobutylenes
Cresol-furfural resinsPolymerization plastics, except fibers
Dicyandiamine resinsPolypropylene resins
Diisocyanate resinsPolystyrene resins
Elastomers, nonvulcanizable (plastics)Polyurethane resins
Epichlorohydrin bisphenolPolyvinyl chloride resins
Epichlorohydrin diphenolPolyvinyl halide resins
Epoxy resinsPolyvinyl resins
Ester gumProtein plastics
Ethyl cellulose plasticsPyroxylin
Ethylene-vinyl acetate resinsResins, synthetic
Fluorohydrocarbon resinsRosin modified resins
Ion exchange resinsSilicone fluid solution (fluid for sonar transducers)
Ionomer resinsSilicone resins
Isobutylene polymersSoybean plastics
Lignin plasticsStyrene resins
Melamine resinsStyrene-acrylonitrile resins
Methyl acrylate resinsTar acid resins
Methyl cellulose plasticsUrea resins
Methyl methacrylate resinsVinyl resins
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2821Plastics Materials and Resins2,153
282100Plastics materials and resins1,278
28210000Plastics materials and resins1,278
282101Thermosetting materials175
28210100Thermosetting materials23
28210101Epoxy resins35
28210102Ester gum1
28210103Melamine resins, melamine-formaldehyde7
28210105Polyimides (skybond, kaplon)1
28210106Polyurethane resins54
28210107Silicone resins16
28210108Urea resins2
282102Thermoplastic materials479
28210200Thermoplastic materials115
28210201Acrylic resins41
28210202Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins, ABS resins3
28210203Elastomers, nonvulcanizable (plastics)20
28210204Ethylene glycol terephthalic acid, mylar1
28210205Nylon resins8
28210206Polycarbonate resins13
28210207Polyethylene resins47
28210208Polymethyl methacrylate resins, plexiglass29
28210209Polyoxymethylene resins2
28210210Polypropylene resins31
28210211Polystyrene resins40
28210213Polytetrafluoroethylene resins, teflon27
28210214Polyvinyl butyral resins2
28210215Polyvinyl chloride resins, PVC63
28210216Polyvinylidene chloride resins3
28210217Styrene resins, nec2
28210219Vinyl resins, nec32
282103Cellulose derivative materials6
28210300Cellulose derivative materials4
28210301Cellulose acetate (plastics)2
28210302Cellulose nitrate0
28210303Nitrocellulose plastics, pyroxylin0
282104Plasticizer/additive based plastic materials36
28210400Plasticizer/additive based plastic materials26
28210401Carbohydrate plastics1
28210402Casein plastics1
28210403Coal tar resins3
28210404Cresol resins1
28210405Phthalic anhydride resins0
28210406Protein plastics2
28210407Soybean plastics2
282199Plastics materials and resins, nec179
28219901Molding compounds, plastics179