Industry: 2819—Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial inorganic chemicals, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in mining, milling, or otherwise preparing natural potassium, sodium, or boron compounds (other than common salt) are classified in Industry 1474. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household bleaches are classified in Industry 2842; those manufacturing phosphoric acid are classified in Industry 2874; and those manufacturing nitric acid, anhydrous ammonia, and other nitrogenous fertilizer materials are classified in Industry 2873.

Activated carbon and charcoalMixed acid
Alkali metalsMuriate of potash, not produced at mines
AluminaNickel ammonium sulfate
Aluminum chlorideNickel carbonate
Aluminum compoundsNickel compounds, inorganic
Aluminum hydroxide (alumina trihydrate)Nickel sulfate
Aluminum oxideNuclear cores, inorganic
Aluminum sulfateNuclear fuel reactor cores, inorganic
AlumsNuclear fuel scrap reprocessing
Ammonia alumOleum (fuming sulfuric acid)
Ammonium chloride, hydroxide, and molybdateOxidation catalyst made from porcelain
Ammonium compounds, except for fertilizerPerchloric acid
Ammonium perchloratePeroxides, inorganic
Ammonium thiosulfatePhosphates, except defluorinated and ammoniated
Barium compoundsPhosphorus and phosphorus oxychloride
Bauxite, refinedPotash alum
Beryllium oxidePotassium aluminum sulfate
Bleach (calcium hypochlorite), industrialPotassium bichromate and chromate
Bleach (sodium hypochlorite), industrialPotassium bromide
Bleaches, industrialPotassium chlorate
Bleaching powder, industrialPotassium chloride
Borax (sodium tetraborate)Potassium compounds, inorganic: except potassium hydroxide and carbonate
Boric acidPotassium cyanide
Boron compounds, not produced at minesPotassium hypochlorate
BorosilicatePotassium iodide
BrinePotassium metal
Bromine, elementalPotassium nitrate and sulfate
Calcium carbide, chloride, and hypochloritePotassium permanganate
Calcium compounds, inorganicPropellants for missiles, solid: inorganic
Calcium metalRadium chloride
CarbideRadium luminous compounds
Catalysts, chemicalRare earth metal salts
Cerium saltsReagent grade chemicals, inorganic: refined from technical grades
Cesium metalRubidium metal
Charcoal, activatedSalt cake (sodium sulfate)
Chlorosulfonic acidSalts of rare earth metals
Chromates and bichromatesScandium
Chromic acidSilica gel
Chromium compounds, inorganicSilica, amorphous
Chromium saltsSilico-fluorides
Cobalt 60 (radioactive)Silver bromide, chloride, and nitrate
Cobalt chlorideSilver compounds, inorganic
Cobalt sulfateSoda alum
Copper chlorideSodium aluminate
Copper iodide and oxideSodium aluminum sulfate
Copper sulfateSodium antimoniate
CyanidesSodium arsenite, technical
Desiccants, activated: silica gelSodium bichromate and chromate
DichromatesSodium borates
Ferric chlorideSodium borohydride
Ferric oxides, except pigmentsSodium bromide, not produced at mines
FerrocyanidesSodium chlorate
Fissionable material productionSodium compounds, inorganic
Fluorine, elementalSodium cyanide
Fuel propellants, solid: inorganicSodium hydrosulfite
Fuels, high energy: inorganicSodium molybdate
Glauber's saltSodium perborate
Heavy waterSodium peroxide
High purity grade chemicals, inorganic: refined from technical gradesSodium phosphate
Hydrated alumina silicate powderSodium polyphosphate
HydrazineSodium silicate
Hydrochloric acidSodium silicofluoride
Hydrocyanic acidSodium stannate
Hydrofluoric acidSodium sulfate-bulk or tablets
Hydrogen peroxideSodium tetraborate not produced at mines
Hydrogen sulfideSodium thiosulfate
HydrosulfitesSodium tungstate
HypophosphitesSodium uranate
Indium chlorideSodium, metallic
Inorganic acids, except nitric or phosphoricStannic and stannous chloride
IodidesStrontium carbonate precipitated and oxide
Iodine elementalStrontium nitrate
Iodine, resublimedSublimate corrosive
Iron sulphateSulfate of potash and potash magnesia, not produced at mines
Isotopes, radioactiveSulfides and sulfites
Laboratory chemicals, inorganicSulfocyanides
Lead oxides, other than pigmentsSulfur chloride
Lead silicateSulfur dioxide
Lime bleaching compoundsSulfur hexafluoride gas
Lithium compoundsSulfur recovered or refined including from sour natural gas
Lithium metalSulfuric acid
Luminous compounds, radiumTanning agents synthetic inorganic
Magnesium carbonateThiocyanates, inorganic
Magnesium chlorideTin chloride
Magnesium compounds, inorganicTin compounds, inorganic
Manganese dioxide powder, syntheticTin oxide
Mercury chlorides (calomel, corrosive sublimate), except U.S.P.Tin salts
Mercury compounds, inorganicTungsten carbide powder except abrasives or by metallurgical process
Mercury oxidesUranium slug, radioactive
Mercury, redistilledWater glass
Metals, liquidZinc chloride
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2819Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, Nec2,842
281900Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec977
28190000Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec977
28190101Alkali metals: lithium, cesium, francium, rubidium11
28190102Alkali metals: sodium, potassium0
28190103Bromine, elemental4
28190104Calcium metal0
28190105Fluorine, elemental4
28190106Iodine, elemental10
28190107Phosphorus, elemental2
281902Inorganic acids except nitric and phosphoric50
28190200Inorganic acids except nitric and phosphoric15
28190201Boric acid3
28190204Hydrochloric acid10
28190205Hydrocyanic acid0
28190207Sulfuric acid, oleum21
281903Aluminum compounds63
28190300Aluminum compounds28
28190301Aluminum chloride5
28190302Aluminum oxide3
28190303Aluminum sulfate26
28190304Bauxite, refined1
281904Sodium & potassium compounds, exc. bleaches, alkalies, alum.41
28190400Sodium & potassium compounds, exc. bleaches, alkalies, alum.6
28190403Potassium compounds or salts, except hydroxide or carbonate1
28190404Potasssium chloride and cyanide0
28190405Potasssium nitrate and sulfate3
28190406Sodium compounds or salts, inorg., ex. refined sod. chloride7
28190407Sodium hyposulfite, sodium hydrosulfite6
28190408Sodium silicate, water glass1
28190409Sodium sulfate, glauber's salt, salt cake1
28190410Sodium sulfides0
28190501Potash alum2
281906Fuels and radioactive compounds39
28190600Fuels and radioactive compounds4
28190601Cobalt 60 (radioactive)0
28190602Fuel propellants, solid: inorganic5
28190604Isotopes, radioactive9
28190605Nuclear fuel and cores, inorganic6
28190606Nuclear fuel scrap, reprocessing5
28190607Nuclear fuels, uranium slug (radioactive)8
28190701Calcium carbide7
28190702Tungsten carbide powder, except abrasive or metallurgical8
281908Silica compounds26
28190800Silica compounds21
28190801Silica gel2
28190802Silica, amorphous3
281909Metal salts and compounds except sodium, potassium, aluminum91
28190900Metal salts and compounds except sodium, potassium, aluminum8
28190901Barium compounds2
28190902Calcium chloride and hypochlorite4
28190903Calcium compounds and salts, inorganic, nec18
28190904Chromates and bichromates2
28190905Chromium compounds or salts, inorganic1
28190906Cobalt compounds and salts, inorganic0
28190907Copper compounds or salts, inorganic9
28190908Inorganic metal compounds or salts, nec10
28190909Iron (ferric/ferrous) compounds or salts2
28190910Lead compounds or salts, inorganic, not used in pigments5
28190911Lithium compounds, inorganic6
28190912Magnesium compounds or salts, inorganic13
28190913Manganese dioxide powder, synthetic1
28190917Mercury, redistilled3
28190918Nickel compounds or salts, inorganic3
28190919Silver compounds or salts, inorganic1
28190921Tin (stannic/stannous) compounds or salts, inorganic2
28190922Zinc chloride1
281910Nonmetallic compounds122
28191000Nonmetallic compounds16
28191001Bleaching powder, lime bleaching compounds4
28191002Boron compounds, nec, not from mines5
28191003Charcoal (carbon), activated42
28191005Heavy water6
28191006Hydrogen sulfide3
28191009Iodides, nec1
28191010Peroxides, hydrogen peroxide8
28191011Phosphates, except fertilizers: defluorinated and ammoniated8
28191012Sulfur chloride5
28191013Sulfur dioxide0
28191015Sulfur, recovered or refined, incl. from sour natural gas20
281911Ammonium salts and compounds7
28191100Ammonium salts and compounds1
28191101Ammonium chloride, hydroxide, and molybdate1
28191102Ammonium compounds, except fertilizers, nec5
281999Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec, nec259
28199901Catalysts, chemical140
28199902Chemicals, high purity: refined from technical grade68
28199903Chemicals, reagent grade: refined from technical grade44
28199904Tanning agents, synthetic inorganic7