SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2816—Inorganic Pigments
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing inorganic pigments. Important products of this industry include black pigments, except carbon black, white pigments, and color pigments. Organic color pigments, except animal black and bone black, are classified in Industry 2865, and those manufacturing carbon black are classified in Industry 2895.

Animal blackMetallic pigments, inorganic
Barium sulfate, precipitated (blanc fixe)Mineral colors and pigments
Barytes pigmentsMinium (pigments)
Black pigments, except carbon blackOchers
Blanc fixe (barium sulfate, precipitated)Paint pigments, inorganic
Bone blackPearl essence
Chrome pigments: chrome green, chrome yellow, chrome orange, and zinc yellowPigments, inorganic
Color pigments, inorganicPrussian blue pigments
Ferric oxide pigmentsRed lead pigments
Iron blue pigmentsSatin white pigments
Iron colorsSiennas
Iron oxide, blackTitanium pigments
Iron oxide, magneticUltramarine pigments
Iron oxide, yellowUmbers
Lamp blackVermilion pigments
Lead oxide pigmentsWhite lead pigments
Lead pigmentsWhiting
LithargeZinc oxide pigments
LithoponeZinc pigments: zinc yellow and zinc sulfide
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2816Inorganic Pigments159
281600Inorganic pigments59
28160000Inorganic pigments59
281601White pigments33
28160100White pigments2
28160103Lead pigments: white lead, lead oxides, lead sulfate5
28160105Titanium dioxide, anatase or rutile (pigments)22
28160106Zinc pigments: zinc oxide, zinc sulfide4
281602Color pigments47
28160200Color pigments32
28160201Chrome pigments: chrome green, chrome yellow, zinc yellow7
28160202Iron oxide pigments (ochers, siennas, umbers)8
281603Black pigments4
28160300Black pigments1
28160301Animal black0
28160302Bone black1
28160303Lamp black2
281699Inorganic pigments, nec16
28169901Metallic and mineral pigments, nec16