Industry: 2796—Platemaking and Related Services
Establishments primarily engaged in making plates for printing purposes and in related services. Also included are establishments primarily engaged in making positives or negatives from which offset lithographic plates are made. These establishments do not print from the plates which they make, but prepare them for use by others. Engraving for purposes other than printing is classified in Industry 3479.

Color separations for printingLetterpress plates, preparation of
Electrotype platesLinecuts
Electrotyping for the tradeLithographic plates, positives or negatives: preparation of
Embossing plates for printingOffset plates, positives or negatives: preparation of
Engraving on copper, steel, wood, or rubber plates for printingPhotoengraving for the trade
Engraving on textile printing plates and cylindersPlates and cylinders, rotogravure printing: preparation of
Engraving, steel line: for printing purposesPlates, printing: preparation of
Etching on copper, steel, wood, or rubber plates for printing purposesStereotype plates
Flexographic plates, preparation ofStereotyping for the trade
Gravure plates and cylinders, preparation of
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2796Platemaking Services418
279600Platemaking services133
27960000Platemaking services133
279601Gravure platemaking services10
27960100Gravure platemaking services0
27960101Gravure printing plates or cylinders, preparation of6
27960102Plates and cylinders for rotogravure printing4
279602Engraving platemaking services141
27960200Engraving platemaking services44
27960201Engraving on copper, steel, wood, or rubber: printing plates53
27960202Photoengraving plates, linecuts or halftones32
27960203Steel line engraving, for the printing trade12
279699Platemaking services, nec134
27969901Color separations, for printing71
27969902Electrotype plates7
27969903Embossing plates, for printing6
27969904Etching on copper, steel, wood, or rubber: printing plates9
27969905Letterpress plates, preparation of8
27969906Lithographic plates, positives or negatives33
27969907Stereotype plates0