Industry: 2789—Bookbinding and Related Work
Establishments primarily engaged in edition, trade, job, and library book binding. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in book or paper bronzing, gilding, and edging; in map and sample mounting, and in other services related to bookbinding. Establishments primarily binding books printed elsewhere are classified in this industry, but those primarily binding books printed in the same establishment are classified in Industry Group 273.

Beveling of cardsMounting of maps and samples, for the trade
Binding only books, pamphlets, magazines, etc.Pamphlets, binding only
Book gilding, bronzing, edging, deckling, embossing, and goldPaper bronzing, gilding, edging, and deckling
Bookbinding edition, job, library, and tradePaper cutting, except die-cutting
Bronzing books, cards, or paperRebinding books, magazines, or pamphlets
Display mountingRepairing books (bookbinding)
Edging books, cards, or paperSwatches and samples, mounting for the trade
Magazines, binding onlyTrade binding services
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2789Bookbinding and Related Work820
278900Bookbinding and related work336
27890000Bookbinding and related work336
278901Display mounting14
27890100Display mounting10
27890101Map mounting1
27890102Mounting of maps and samples3
278902Bronzing, gilding, edging, and deckling: books, cards, paper11
27890200Bronzing, gilding, edging, and deckling: books, cards, paper0
27890202Deckling books, cards, or paper7
27890203Edging books, cards, or paper0
27890204Gilding books, cards, or paper2
27890205Gold stamping on books1
278903Binding and repair of books, magazines, and pamphlets420
27890300Binding and repair of books, magazines, and pamphlets33
27890301Binding only: books, pamphlets, magazines, etc.281
27890302Bookbinding and repairing: trade, edition, library, etc.49
27890303Magazines, binding1
27890304Pamphlets, binding7
27890305Rebinding books, magazines, or pamphlets6
27890306Trade binding services43
278999Bookbinding and related work, nec39
27899901Beveling of cards1
27899902Paper cutting24
27899903Swatches and samples14