SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2782—Blankbooks, Looseleaf Binders and Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing blankbooks, looseleaf devices, and library binders; and in ruling paper.

Account booksLooseleaf devices and binders
AlbumsLooseleaf forms and fillers, pen ruled or printed only
Binders, looseleafMemorandum books, printed
Blankbook makingPaper ruling
Chart and graph paper, ruledPassbooks
CheckbooksReceipt books
DiariesRecord albums
Inventory blankbooksSample books
Ledgers and ledger sheetsScrapbooks
Library binders, looseleaf
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2782Blankbooks and Looseleaf Binders593
278200Blankbooks and looseleaf binders69
27820000Blankbooks and looseleaf binders69
278201Ledger, inventory, and account books81
27820100Ledger, inventory, and account books8
27820101Account books23
27820102Inventory blankbooks1
27820103Ledgers and ledger sheets3
27820104Record albums46
278202Scrapbooks, albums, and diaries196
27820200Scrapbooks, albums, and diaries29
278203Looseleaf binders and devices59
27820300Looseleaf binders and devices53
27820301Library binders, looseleaf4
27820302Looseleaf forms and fillers, pen ruled or printed only2
278204Receipt, invoice, and memorandum books17
27820400Receipt, invoice, and memorandum books10
27820401Memorandum books, printed4
27820402Receipt books3
278205Bank checkbooks and passbooks153
27820500Bank checkbooks and passbooks18
27820502Passbooks: bank, etc.2
278299Blankbooks and looseleaf binders, nec18
27829902Chart and graph paper, ruled1
27829903Paper ruling0
27829904Sample books16