Industry: 2761—Manifold Business Forms
Establishments primarily engaged in designing and printing, by any process, special forms for use in the operation of a business, in single and multiple sets, including carbonized or interleaved with carbon or otherwise processed for multiple reproduction.

Autographic register forms, printedSales books
Business forms, manifoldStrip forms (manifold business forms)
Computer forms, manifold or continuous (excludes paper simplyTabulating card set forms (business forms)
Continuous forms, office and business carbonized or multiple reproductionUnit sets (manifold business forms)
Fanfold forms
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2761Manifold Business Forms292
276100Manifold business forms220
27610000Manifold business forms220
276199Manifold business forms, nec72
27619901Autographic register forms, printed3
27619902Computer forms, manifold or continuous32
27619903Continuous forms, office and business29
27619904Fanfold forms0
27619905Strip forms (manifold business forms)3
27619906Unit sets (manifold business forms)5