SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2754—Commercial Printing, Gravure
Establishments primarily engaged in gravure printing. Establishments primarily engaged in making and preparing plates for printing are classified in Industry 2796.

Bread wrappers: gravure printingMusic, sheet: gravure printing (not publishing)
Business forms, except manifold: gravure printingNewspapers: gravure printing (not publishing)
Calendars, gravure printing not publishingPeriodicals: gravure printing (not publishing)
Cards, except greeting: gravure printingPhotogravure printing
Catalogs: gravure printing (not publishing)Playing cards: gravure printing
Circulars: gravure printingPostcards, picture: gravure printing
Color printing: gravurePosters: gravure printing
Coupons: gravure printingPrinting, commercial or job: gravure
Directories: gravure printing (not publishing)Printing: gravure, photogravure, rotary photogravure, and rotogravure
Envelopes: gravure printingRotary photogravure printing
Facsimile letters: gravure printingRotogravure printing
Fashion plates: gravure printingSchedules, transportation: gravure printing
Gravure printingSeals: gravure printing
Imprinting: gravureSouvenir cards: gravure printing
Intaglio printingStationery: gravure printing
Labels: gravure printingTelephone directories, gravure printing not publishing
Letters, circular and form: gravure printingTickets: gravure printing
Magazines: gravure printing (not publishing)Trading stamps: gravure printing
Maps: gravure printing (not publishing)Visiting cards: gravure printing
Menus: gravure printingWrappers: gravure printing
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2754Commercial Printing, Gravure599
275400Commercial printing, gravure205
27540000Commercial printing, gravure205
275401Photogravure and rotogravure printing27
27540100Photogravure and rotogravure printing3
27540101Photogravure printing9
27540102Rotary photogravure printing3
27540103Rotogravure printing12
275402Business form and card printing, gravure60
27540200Business form and card printing, gravure43
27540201Forms, business: gravure printing16
27540202Visiting cards: gravure printing1
275403Calendar and card printing, except business, gravure29
27540300Calendar and card printing, except business, gravure2
27540301Calendars: gravure printing0
27540302Cards, except greeting: gravure printing17
27540303Playing cards: gravure printing3
27540304Post cards, picture: gravure printing7
27540305Souvenir cards: gravure printing0
275404Wrapper and seal printing, gravure9
27540400Wrapper and seal printing, gravure3
27540401Bread wrappers: gravure printing0
27540402Seals: gravure printing5
27540403Wrappers: gravure printing1
275405Publication printing, gravure17
27540500Publication printing, gravure7
27540501Magazines: gravure printing, not published on site2
27540502Newspapers: gravure printing, not published on site6
27540503Periodicals: gravure printing, not published on site2
275406Promotional printing, gravure19
27540600Promotional printing, gravure10
27540601Catalogs: gravure printing, not published on site5
27540602Circulars: gravure printing1
27540603Coupons: gravure printing3
275407Stationery and invitation printing, gravure119
27540700Stationery and invitation printing, gravure82
27540701Announcements: gravure printing3
27540702Envelopes: gravure printing5
27540703Invitations: gravure printing22
27540704Stationery: gravure printing7
275499Commercial printing, gravure, nec114
27549901Color printing: gravure13
27549902Directories, telephone: gravure printing, not published1
27549903Directories: gravure printing, not published on site1
27549904Facsimile letters: gravure printing0
27549905Fashion plates: gravure printing2
27549906Imprinting: gravure4
27549907Intaglio printing1
27549908Job printing: gravure16
27549909Labels: gravure printing55
27549910Letter, circular and form: gravure printing4
27549911Maps: gravure printing, not published on site1
27549912Menus: gravure printing3
27549913Music, sheet: gravure printing, not published on site3
27549914Posters: gravure printing2
27549916Security certificates: gravure printing4
27549917Stock certificates: gravure printing0
27549918Tickets: gravure printing0
27549919Trading stamps: gravure printing2