Industry: 2752—Commercial Printing, Lithographic
Establishments primarily engaged in printing by the lithographic process. The greater part of the work in this industry is performed on a job or custom basis; but in some cases lithographed calendars, maps, posters, decalcomanias, or other products are made for sale. Offset printing, photo—offset printing, and photolithographing are also included in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in lithographing books and pamphlets, without publishing, are classified in Industry 2732. Establishments primarily engaged in publishing or printing greeting cards are classified in Industry 2771. Establishments primarily engaged in preparing lithographic or offset plates and in related services are classified in Industry 2796. Establishments primarily engaged in providing photocopying services are classified in Services, Industry 7334.

Advertising posters, lithographedPeriodicals, lithographed: not published
Atlases, lithographedPhotolithographing
Billheads, lithographedPhoto—offset printing
Bread wrappers, lithographedPlanographing
Business forms, except manifold: lithographedPlaying cards, lithographed
Calendars, lithographed: not publishedPostcards, picture: lithographed
Cards, lithographedPosters, lithographed
Circulars, lithographedPrinting from lithographic or offset plates
Color cards, paint: offset printingPrinting, commercial or job: lithographic and offset
Color lithographyPrinting, lithographic
Coupons, lithographedQuick printing, except photocopy service
Decalcomanias (dry transfers), lithographedSchedules, transportation: lithographic
Fashion plates, lithographedSeals, lithographed
Instant printing, except photocopy serviceSouvenir cards, lithographed
Labels, lithographedTags, lithographed
Letters, circular and form: lithographedTickets, lithographed
Lithographing on metal or paperTrading stamps, lithographed
Maps, lithographedTransferring designs (lithographing)
Menus, lithographedTransfers, decalcomania and dry: lithographed
Newspapers, lithographed: not publishedVisiting cards, lithographed
Offset printingWrappers, lithographed
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2752Commercial Printing, Lithographic25,411
275200Commercial printing, lithographic16,768
27520000Commercial printing, lithographic16,768
275201Offset and photolithographic printing7,427
27520100Offset and photolithographic printing295
27520101Offset printing6,989
27520102Photo-offset printing103
27520103Photolithographic printing40
275202Promotional printing, lithographic212
27520200Promotional printing, lithographic109
27520201Advertising posters, lithographed78
27520202Catalogs, lithographed18
27520203Circulars, lithographed3
27520204Coupons, lithographed4
275203Business form and card printing, lithographic267
27520300Business form and card printing, lithographic194
27520301Billheads, lithographed3
27520302Forms, business: lithographed67
27520303Visiting cards, lithographed3
275204Calendar and card printing, lithographic81
27520400Calendar and card printing, lithographic16
27520401Calendars, lithographed19
27520402Cards, lithographed18
27520403Playing cards, lithographed10
27520404Post cards, picture: lithographed14
27520405Souvenir cards, lithographed4
275205Atlas and map printing, lithographic14
27520500Atlas and map printing, lithographic3
27520501Atlases, lithographed1
27520502Maps, lithographed10
275206Poster and decal printing, lithographic105
27520600Poster and decal printing, lithographic28
27520601Decals, lithographed51
27520602Posters, lithographed11
27520603Transfers, decalcomania or dry: lithographed15
275207Tag, ticket, and schedule printing: lithographic37
27520700Tag, ticket, and schedule printing: lithographic7
27520701Schedules, transportation: lithographed7
27520702Tags, lithographed10
27520703Tickets, lithographed13
275208Wrapper and seal printing, lithographic24
27520800Wrapper and seal printing, lithographic13
27520801Seals, lithographed3
27520802Wrappers, lithographed8
275209Publication printing, lithographic66
27520900Publication printing, lithographic43
27520901Newspapers, lithographed only18
27520902Periodicals, lithographed5
275299Commercial printing, lithographic, nec410
27529901Color lithography139
27529902Fashion plates, lithographed5
27529903Letters, circular or form: lithographed31
27529904Lithographing on metal221
27529905Menus, lithographed10
27529907Trading stamps, lithographed3