SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1796—Installation or Erection of Building Equipment, Not Elsewhere
Special trade contractors primarily engaged in the installation or erection of building equipment, not elsewhere classified, such as elevators, pneumatic tube systems, and dust collecting equipment. This industry also includes contractors primarily engaged in the installation or dismantling of machinery or other industrial equipment. Contractors primarily engaged in the construction of industrial incinerator, furnace, and oven structures are classified in Industry 1629.

Conveyor system installation—contractorsMachine rigging—contractors
Dismantling of machinery and other industrial equipment—contractorsMillwrights
Dumbwaiter installation—contractorsPneumatic tube system installation—contractors
Dust collecting equipment installation—contractorsPower generating equipment installation—contractors
Elevator installation, conversions and repair—contractorsRevolving door installation—contractors
Incinerator installation, small—contractorsVacuum cleaning systems, built-in—contractors
Installation of machinery and other industrial equipment—contractors
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
1796Installing Building Equipment2,410
179600Installing building equipment757
17960000Installing building equipment757
179699Installing building equipment, nec1,653
17969901Elevator installation and conversion402
17969902Machine moving and rigging293
17969903Machinery dismantling22
17969904Machinery installation351
17969906Pollution control equipment installation36
17969907Power generating equipment installation180