SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1791—Structural Steel Erection
Special trade contractors primarily engaged in the erection of structural steel and of similar products of prestressed or precast concrete.

Building front installation, metal—contractorsIron work, structural—contractors
Concrete products, structural precast or prestressed: placing of—contractorsMetal furring—contractors
Concrete reinforcement, placing of—contractorsSteel work, structural—contractors
Curtain wall installation—contractorsStorage tanks, metal: erection—contractors
Elevator front installation, metal—contractorsStore front installation, metal—contractors
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
1791Structural Steel Erection4,888
179100Structural steel erection2,399
17910000Structural steel erection2,399
179199Structural steel erection, nec2,489
17919901Building front installation, metal81
17919902Concrete reinforcement, placing of209
17919903Elevator front installation, metal18
17919904Exterior wall system installation57
17919905Iron work, structural1,829
17919906Metal lath and furring25
17919907Precast concrete structural framing or panels, placing of133
17919908Smoke stacks, steel: installation and maintenance14
17919909Storage tanks, metal: erection123