SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1771—Concrete Work
Special trade contractors primarily engaged in concrete work, including portland cement and asphalt. This industry includes the construction of private driveways and walks of all materials. Concrete work incidental to the construction of foundations and concrete work included in an excavation contract are classified in Industry 1794; and those engaged in construction or paving of streets, highways, and public sidewalks are classified in Industry 1611.

Asphalting of private driveways and private parking areas—contractorsGrouting work—contractors
Blacktop work: private driveways and private parkingGunite work—contractors
Concrete finishers—contractorsParking lot construction—contractors
Concrete work: private driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas—contractorsPatio construction, concrete—contractors
Culvert construction—contractorsSidewalk construction, except public—contractors
Curb construction—contractorsStucco construction—contractors
Foundations, building of: poured concrete—contractors
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
1771Concrete Work43,619
177100Concrete work30,337
17710000Concrete work30,337
177101Stucco, gunite, and grouting contractors786
17710100Stucco, gunite, and grouting contractors168
17710101Exterior concrete stucco contractor435
17710102Grouting work70
17710103Gunite contractor113
177102Curb and sidewalk contractors541
17710200Curb and sidewalk contractors169
17710201Curb construction248
17710202Sidewalk contractor124
177103Driveway, parking lot, and blacktop contractors4,641
17710300Driveway, parking lot, and blacktop contractors236
17710301Blacktop (asphalt) work3,661
17710302Driveway contractor552
17710303Parking lot construction192
177199Concrete work, nec7,314
17719901Concrete pumping2,681
17719902Concrete repair690
17719903Flooring contractor1,923
17719904Foundation and footing contractor1,742
17719905Patio construction, concrete278