SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1751—Carpentry Work
Special trade contractors primarily engaged in carpentry work. Establishments primarily engaged in building and installing cabinets at the job site are classified in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in building custom cabinets for individuals in a shop are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5712. Carpentry work performed by general contractors engaged in building construction is classified in Major Group 15.

Cabinet work performed at the construction siteJoinery, ship—contractors
Carpentry work—contractorsShip joinery—contractors
Folding door installation—contractorsStore fixture installation—contractors
Framing—contractorsTrim and finish—contractors
Garage door installation—contractorsWindow and door (prefabricated) installation—contractors
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
1751Carpentry Work48,487
175100Carpentry work23,780
17510000Carpentry work23,780
175101Cabinet and finish carpentry8,104
17510100Cabinet and finish carpentry2,910
17510101Cabinet building and installation3,819
17510102Finish and trim carpentry1,375
175102Window and door installation and erection12,198
17510200Window and door installation and erection1,431
17510201Garage door, installation or erection9,341
17510202Window and door (prefabricated) installation1,426
175199Carpentry work, nec4,405
17519901Framing contractor4,153
17519902Lightweight steel framing (metal stud) installation139
17519903Ship joinery12
17519904Store fixture installation101