Industry: 1742—Plastering, Drywall, Acoustical, and Insulation Work
Special trade contractors primarily engaged in applying plain or ornamental plaster, including the installation of lathing and other appurtenances to receive plaster, or in drywall, acoustical, and building insulation work.

Acoustical work—contractorsLathing—contractors
Ceilings, acoustical installation—contractorsPlastering, plain or ornamental—contractors
Drywall construction—contractorsSolar reflecting insulation film—contractors
Insulation installation, buildings—contractorsTaping and finishing drywall—contractors
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
1742Plastering, Drywall, and Insulation28,064
174200Plastering, drywall, and insulation0
17420000Plastering, drywall, and insulation3,040
174201Plaster and drywall work0
17420100Plaster and drywall work413
17420102Fresco work3
17420103Mantel work10
17420104Plastering, plain or ornamental2,269
17420105Stucco work, interior506
174202Acoustical and insulation work0
17420200Acoustical and insulation work335
17420201Acoustical and ceiling work1,402
17420202Exterior insulation and finish (EIFS) applicator76
17420203Insulation, buildings4,666
17420204Solar reflecting insulation film63