SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1741—Masonry, Stone Setting, and Other Stone Work
Special trade contractors primarily engaged in masonry work, stone setting, and other stone work. Special trade contractors primarily engaged in concrete work are classified in Industry 1771; those engaged in digging foundations are classified in Industry 1794; and those engaged in the construction of streets, highways, and alleys are classified in Industry 1611.

Bricklaying—contractorsRefactory brick construction—contractors
Chimney construction and maintenance—contractorsRetaining wall construction: block, stone, or brick—contractors
Concrete block laying—contractorsStone setting—contractors
Foundations, building of: block, stone, or brick—contractorsStonework erection—contractors
Marble work, exterior construction—contractorsTuck pointing—contractors
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
1741Masonry and Other Stonework22,234
174100Masonry and other stonework17,569
17410000Masonry and other stonework17,569
174101Foundation and retaining wall construction661
17410100Foundation and retaining wall construction153
17410101Foundation building353
17410102Retaining wall construction155
174199Masonry and other stonework, nec4,004
17419902Chimney construction and maintenance356
17419903Concrete block masonry laying476
17419904Drain tile installation57
17419905Marble masonry, exterior construction115
17419906Refractory or acid brick masonry150
17419907Stone masonry1,106
17419908Tuckpointing or restoration745
17419909Unit paver installation64