Industry: 1622—Bridge, Tunnel, and Elevated Highway Construction
General contractors primarily engaged in the construction of bridges; viaducts; elevated highways; and highway, pedestrian, and railway tunnels. General contractors engaged in subway construction are classified in Industry 1629. Special trade contractors primarily engaged in guardrail construction or installation of highway signs is classified in Industry 1611.

Abutment construction—general contractorsTrestle construction—general contractors
Bridge construction—general contractorsTunnel construction—general contractors
Causeway construction on structural supports—general contractorsUnderpass construction—general contractors
Highway construction, elevated—general contractorsViaduct construction—general contractors
Overpass construction—general contractors
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
1622Bridge, Tunnel, and Elevated Highway1,207
162200Bridge, tunnel, and elevated highway construction0
16220000Bridge, tunnel, and elevated highway construction364
162299Bridge, tunnel, and elevated highway, nec0
16229901Bridge construction674
16229902Highway construction, elevated92
16229903Tunnel construction72
16229904Viaduct construction5