SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1611—Highway and Street Construction, Except Elevated Highways
General and special trade contractors primarily engaged in the construction of roads, streets, alleys, public sidewalks, guardrails, parkways, and airports. Special trade contractors primarily engaged in the construction of private driveways and sidewalks are classified in Industry 1771.

Airport runway construction—general contractorsParkway construction—general contractors
Alley construction—general contractorsPaving construction—contractors
Asphalt paving: roads, public sidewalks, and streets—contractorsRoad construction, except elevated—general contractors
Concrete construction: roads, highways, public sidewalks, and streets—contractorsSidewalk construction, public—contractors
Grading for highways, streets, and airport runways—contractorsStreet maintenance or repair—contractors
Guardrail construction on highways—contractorsStreet paving—contractors
Highway construction, except elevated—general contractorsSurfacing street and highways—contractors
Highway signs, installation of—contractors
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
1611Highway and Street Construction26,643
161100Highway and street construction3,072
16110000Highway and street construction3,072
161101Highway signs and guardrails307
16110100Highway signs and guardrails79
16110101Guardrail construction, highways147
16110102Highway and street sign installation81
161102Surfacing and paving14,891
16110200Surfacing and paving6,912
16110201Airport runway construction53
16110202Concrete construction: roads, highways, sidewalks, etc.1,489
16110204Highway and street paving contractor3,110
16110205Resurfacing contractor249
16110206Sidewalk construction74
16110207Gravel or dirt road construction445
161199Highway and street construction, nec8,373
16119901General contractor, highway and street construction7,126
16119902Highway and street maintenance1,237
16119903Highway reflector installation10