SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1499—Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels
Establishments primarily engaged in mining, quarrying, milling, or otherwise preparing nonmetallic minerals, except fuels. This industry includes the shaping of natural abrasive stones at the quarry. Establishments primarily engaged in the production of blast, grinding, or polishing sand are classified in Industry 1446, and those calcining gypsum are classified in Manufacturing, Industry 3275.

Agate miningOilstone quarrying
Alabaster miningOzokerite mining
Amethyst miningPeat humus mining
Asbestos miningPeat mining
Asphalt (native) miningPerlite mining
Asphalt rock miningPhlogopite mining
Bitumens (native) miningPipestone mining
Bituminous limestone quarryingPozzolana mining
Bituminous sandstone quarryingPrecious stones mining
Burrstone quarryingPulpstone quarrying
Calcite miningPumice mining
Catlinite miningPumicite mining
Corundum miningPyrophyllite mining
Cryolite miningQuartz crystal mining (pure)
Diamond mining, industrialReed peat mining
Diatomaceous earth miningRubbing stone quarrying
Diatomite miningRuby mining
Emery miningSapphire mining
Fill dirt pitsScoria mining
Garnet miningScreening peat
Gem stone miningScythestone quarrying
Gilsonite miningSedge peat mining
Grahamite miningSelenite mining
Graphite miningSemiprecious stones mining
Greensand miningSharpening stone quarrying
Grinding peatShell mining
Grindstone quarryingShredding peat
Gypsite miningSoapstone quarrying
Gypsum miningSteatite mining
Iceland spar mining (optical grade calcite)Talc mining
Jade miningTripoli mining
Meerschaum mining or quarryingTurquoise mining
Mica miningVermiculite mining
Millstone quarryingVolcanic ash mining
Muscovite miningWhetstone quarrying
Natural abrasives mining (except sand)Wurtzilite mining
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
1499Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Mining392
149900Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, except fuels101
14990000Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, except fuels101
149901Gemstone and industrial diamond mining104
14990100Gemstone and industrial diamond mining34
14990101Amethyst mining0
14990102Diamond mining, industrial9
14990103Garnet mining5
14990104Gem stones (natural) mining, nec32
14990105Jade mining2
14990106Precious stones mining, nec12
14990107Ruby mining2
14990108Sapphire mining1
14990109Semiprecious stones mining, nec5
14990110Turquoise mining2
149902Mica mining6
14990200Mica mining2
14990204Vermiculite mining4
149903Gypsum and calcite mining24
14990300Gypsum and calcite mining3
14990302Calcite mining3
14990303Gypsite mining0
14990304Gypsum mining17
14990305Iceland spar (optical grade calcite) mining1
149904Mineral abrasives mining26
14990400Mineral abrasives mining16
14990401Burrstone quarrying0
14990404Pumice mining5
14990405Rubbing stone quarrying2
14990407Whetstone quarrying1
149905Talc mining21
14990500Talc mining9
14990501Pyrophyllite mining2
14990502Soapstone mining10
149906Peat mining and processing30
14990600Peat mining and processing9
14990601Peat grinding10
14990602Peat mining11
149907Asphalt mining and bituminous stone quarrying28
14990700Asphalt mining and bituminous stone quarrying17
14990701Asphalt (native) mining8
14990702Bituminous limestone quarrying3
14990703Bituminous sandstone quarrying0
149999Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, nec52
14999901Agate mining2
14999902Asbestos mining5
14999903Catlinite mining0
14999905Diatomaceous earth mining7
14999906Gilsonite mining2
14999908Graphite mining5
14999909Greensand mining1
14999911Perlite mining8
14999912Pipestone mining (catlinite)0
14999913Pozzolana mining0
14999915Quartz crystal (pure) mining13
14999916Scoria mining2
14999917Shell mining3
14999918Tripoli mining1
14999919Volcanic ash mining2