Industry: 1429—Crushed and Broken Stone, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in mining or quarrying crushed and broken stone, not elsewhere classified.

Basalt, crushed and broken—quarryingQuartzite, crushed and broken—quarrying
Boulder, crushed and broken—quarryingRiprap quarrying, except limestone or granite
Dolomitic marble, crushed and broken—quarryingSandstone, except bituminous: crushed and broken—quarrying
Gabbro, crushed and broken—quarryingSerpentine, crushed and broken—quarrying
Ganister, crushed and broken—quarryingSlate, crushed and broken—quarrying
Grits mining (crushed stone)Trap rock, crushed and broken—quarrying
Marble, crushed and broken—quarryingVerde' antique, crushed and broken—quarrying
Mica schist, crushed and broken—quarryingVolcanic rock, crushed and broken—quarrying
Onyx marble, crushed and broken—quarrying
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
1429Crushed and Broken Stone, Nec267
142900Crushed and broken stone, nec39
14290000Crushed and broken stone, nec39
142901Igneus rock, crushed and broken-quarrying118
14290100Igneus rock, crushed and broken-quarrying75
14290101Basalt, crushed and broken-quarrying12
14290103Trap rock, crushed and broken-quarrying27
14290104Volcanic rock, crushed and broken-quarrying4
142999Crushed and broken stone, nec, nec110
14299901Boulder, crushed and broken-quarrying24
14299902Diabase, crushed and broken-quarrying0
14299903Dolomitic marble, crushed and broken-quarrying8
14299904Ganister, crushed and broken-quarrying0
14299905Grits mining (crushed stone)32
14299906Marble, crushed and broken-quarrying11
14299909Quartzite, crushed and broken-quarrying3
14299910Riprap quarrying6
14299911Sandstone, crushed and broken-quarrying16
14299913Slate, crushed and broken-quarrying8
14299914Verde' antique, crushed and broken-quarrying1