Industry: 1423—Crushed and Broken Granite
Establishments primarily engaged in mining or quarrying crushed and broken granite, including related rocks, such as gneiss, syenite, and diorite.

Diorite, crushed and broken—quarryingGranite, crushed and broken—quarrying
Gneiss, crushed and broken—quarryingSyenite, except nepheline: crushed and broken—quarrying
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
1423Crushed and Broken Granite160
142300Crushed and broken granite151
14230000Crushed and broken granite151
142399Crushed and broken granite, nec9
14239901Diorite, crushed and broken-quarrying9
14239902Gneiss, crushed and broken-quarrying0
14239903Syenite, crushed and broken-quarrying0