SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1422—Crushed and Broken Limestone
Establishments primarily engaged in mining or quarrying crushed and broken limestone, including related rocks, such as dolomite, cement rock, marl, travertine, and calcareous tufa. Also included are establishments primarily engaged in the grinding or pulverizing of limestone, but establishments primarily engaged in producing lime are classified in Manufacturing, Industry 3274.

Calcareous tufa, crushed and broken—quarryingLimestone, except bituminous: crushed and broken—quarrying
Cement rock, crushed and broken—quarryingMarl, crushed and broken—quarrying
Chalk mining, crushed and broken—quarryingTravertine, crushed and broken—quarrying
Dolomite, crushed and broken—quarryingWhiting mining, crushed and broken—quarrying
Lime rock, ground
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
1422Crushed and Broken Limestone1,088
142200Crushed and broken limestone794
14220000Crushed and broken limestone794
142201Limestones, ground235
14220100Limestones, ground181
14220101Agricultural limestone, ground33
14220102Chalk, ground or otherwise treated0
14220103Lime rock, ground21
142299Crushed and broken limestone, nec59
14229901Calcareous tufa, crushed and broken-quarrying0
14229902Cement rock, crushed and broken-quarrying44
14229903Chalk mining, crushed and broken-quarrying4
14229904Dolomite, crushed and broken-quarrying6
14229905Marl, crushed and broken-quarrying1
14229906Travertine, crushed and broken-quarrying0
14229907Whiting mining, crushed and broken-quarrying4