SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1221—Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining
Establishments primarily engaged in producing bituminous coal or lignite at surface mines or in developing bituminous coal or lignite surface mines. This industry includes auger mining, strip mining, culm bank mining, and other surface mining, by owners or lessees or by establishments which have complete responsibility for operating bituminous coal and lignite surface mines for others on a contract or fee basis. Bituminous coal and lignite preparation plants performing such activities as cleaning, crushing, screening or sizing are included if operated in conjunction with a mine site, or if operated independently of any type of mine.

Brown coal miningPreparation plants, bituminous coal or lignite
Cleaning plants, bituminous coalScreening plants, bituminous coal
Coal mining, bituminous: surfaceSemianthracite surface mining
Coal preparation plants, bituminous or ligniteSemibituminous coal surface mining
Crushing plants, bituminous coalStrip mining, bituminous coal: except on a contract basis
Culm bank recovery, bituminous coal or lignite: except on a contractStrip mining, lignite: except on a contract basis
Hard coal surface mining, except Pennsylvania anthraciteSubbituminous coal surface mining
Lignite miningWasheries, bituminous coal or lignite
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
1221Bituminous Coal and Lignite-surface Mining551
122100Bituminous coal and lignite-surface mining290
12210000Bituminous coal and lignite-surface mining290
122101Bituminous coal surface mining216
12210100Bituminous coal surface mining80
12210101Auger mining, bituminous8
12210102Culm bank mining0
12210103Strip mining, bituminous59
12210104Strip mining, lignite5
12210105Surface mining, bituminous, nec58
12210106Surface mining, lignite, nec6
122102Bituminous coal and lignite loading and preparation45
12210200Bituminous coal and lignite loading and preparation3
12210201Coal preparation plant, bituminous or lignite37
12210202Unit train loading facility, bituminous or lignite5