SIC Industry Description

Industry: 1099—Miscellaneous Metal Ores, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in mining, milling, or otherwise preparing miscellaneous metal ores, not elsewhere classified. Production of metallic mercury by furnacing or retorting at the mine site is also included.

Aluminum ore miningOsmium ore mining
Antimony ore miningPalladium ore mining
Bastnasite ore miningPlatinum group ore mining
Bauxite miningQuicksilver (mercury) ore mining
Beryl miningRare-earths ore mining
Beryllium ore miningRhodium ore mining
Cerium ore miningRuthenium ore mining
Cinnabar miningRutile mining
Ilmenite miningThorium ore mining
Iridium ore miningTin ore mining
Mercury ore miningTitaniferous-magnetite mining, value chiefly for titanium content
Microlite miningTitanium ore mining
Monazite miningZirconium ore mining
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
1099Metal Ores, Nec60
109900Metal ores, nec19
10990000Metal ores, nec19
109901Aluminum and beryllium ores mining17
10990100Aluminum and beryllium ores mining7
10990101Aluminum ore mining2
10990102Bauxite mining7
10990104Beryllium ore mining1
109902Palladium group ores mining4
10990200Palladium group ores mining4
10990202Ruthenium ore mining0
109903Platinum group ores mining0
10990300Platinum group ores mining0
109904Rare-earth ores mining12
10990400Rare-earth ores mining12
109905Titanium and zirconium ores mining3
10990502Titaniferous-magnetite mining0
10990503Titanium ore mining2
10990504Zirconium ore mining0
109999Metal ores, nec, nec5
10999901Antimony ore mining4
10999904Mercury ore mining1