The New NAICS 2017 Manuals and Electronic References are Now for Sale at

The Latest Edition of the NAICS Manual is Now Available! Who is affected? Statistical Agencies: Various statistical agencies, such as the Census, use the NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) to classify businesses by industry throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Regulatory Agencies: Regulatory agencies, such as the EPA and OSHA use NAICS to establish [Continue Reading]

Census Bureau Releases New Supplemental E-Commerce Table: NAICS 4541-

This week, the U.S. Census Bureau released a new supplemental e-commerce table from the Annual Retail Trade Survey. This table provides information on estimated annual sales for U.S. electronic shopping and mail-order houses (North American Industry Classification System [NAICS] 4541) including total and e-commerce sales by primary business activity from 2011-2015. Highlights include: Reallocation of [Continue Reading]

BizAPI Documents

Please click the Following Link to download the API Documentation ZIP File. The ZIP File Contains a PDF explaining how the API works, as well as 3 snippets of code you may use to do some initial Testing. You can also test the BizAPI Service right on our website here: NAICS API Test If you have any [Continue Reading]

Legal Status Appends | Append Business Structure Data

Add Legal Status Indicators to Your Database Complete Form to Receive a Price Quote or Call (973) 625-5626. Use Our Legal Status Append Service to Identify Legal Business Structures and More: Do You Have Products or Services Directly Targeted to Businesses based on their Business Structure? Append Legal Statuses to your current customer database for [Continue Reading]

NAICS Codes/Titles Listed Numerically

This download includes one complete file in XLSX format (Excel).

This File includes 7 Sheets:

  • Sheet One | 2-6 digit 2017 NAICS Codes and Title Descriptions.
  • Sheet Two | 2+6 digit 2017 NAICS Codes and Title Descriptions.
  • Sheet Three| 2 digit 2017 NAICS Codes and Title Descriptions.
  • Sheet Four| 3 digit 2017 NAICS Codes and Title Descriptions.
  • Sheet Five| 4 digit 2017 NAICS Codes and Title Descriptions.
  • Sheet Six| 5 digit 2017 NAICS Codes and Title Descriptions.
  • Sheet Seven| 6 digit 2017 NAICS Codes and Title Descriptions.

2017 NAICS Codes are Current and Valid Through 2022

*This download includes one file in an Excel spreadsheet format.
**Due to the nature of this product returns/refunds are not allowed.

NAICS Alphabetic Keyword List

This text file includes nearly 20,000 common industry descriptions along with their associated Six-digit 2017 NAICS Code.

This download file is an Excel Spreadsheet.

Current Through 2022

NAICS & SIC Crosswalks

2017 NAICS and SIC Codes are Valid Through 2022

This download includes two complete files.

File One | SIC to NAICS Crosswalk in Excel Format with Short Title Descriptions listed Numerically
File Two | NAICS to SIC Crosswalk in Excel Format with Short Title Descriptions listed Numerically

If you have a list of NAICS Codes you can determine the corresponding SIC Code and Vice Versa.

Changes from 2012 to 2017 NAICS Structures: The Highlights

NAICS Changes for 2017   Highlights of Impending NAICS Changes  Include: Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction (2012 NAICS Code 211111) will be broken into two new codes in 2017. These codes will be 211120, Crude Petroleum Extraction and 211130, Natural Gas Extraction. Also, Natural Gas Liquid Extraction, (2012 NAICS Code 211112) will become NAICS [Continue Reading]