Regarding COVID-19 & the CARES ACT has experienced a dramatic increase in traffic as millions of Small Business owners begin their journey to seek Financial Relief through the CARES Act. To ensure the most people are able to gain access to vital knowledge as soon as possible, we have increased our server capacity and (at times) have disabled many website assets that make the website aesthetically pleasing. Even with these adjustments, there is still a strain on the website to keep up with the number of users and requests coming in.

Thank you for your understanding as we work around the clock to keep our resources available to you!

Since we are unable to address every individual request for help, this page has been setup to help our Users with some of their most common requests, questions and concerns.

We recommend going to the following sources for additional assistance:

An official Government website has been put together to assist people with all things related to COVID-19:

Go to the CDC for questions about the COVID-19 Virus itself:

The SBA has set up a page to help Businesses review the temporary programs available to assist Businesses:

For our website's Frequently Asked Questions, come Visit our FAQs section:

To Drill Down to a NAICS code based on Broad industries, use our Free NAICS Drill Down Table:

To Lookup a NAICS Code Based on Certain Keywords, Visit our Free NAICS Keyword Search:

Want to See if your Business already has an established NAICS Code? You can look for and purchase your Company Report here: Note- if you do purchase a Report and it does not appear, please email us at [email protected] and we will be sure to recreate and email you the report. The Additional Server strain my cause some glitches with the order process and we want to make sure everyone gets their Data!

Have a Specific Question about NAICS codes? The Census Bureau is the Governmental Authority on the North American Industry Classification System and is best positioned to recommend an appropriate NAICS code. You can reach them at [email protected] or 1-888-756-2427. Like us, they are probably dealing with a lot of requests, so please exercise patience when requesting assistance.