NAICS Code Description

722310 - Food Service Contractors

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AramarkWhitsons Food Service LLC
Sodexo IncCreative Dining Services Inc
Elior IncNutrition Inc
Culinart IncMssi Holding Corporation
Taher Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing food services at institutional, governmental, commercial, or industrial locations of others based on contractual arrangements with these types of organizations for a specified period of time. The establishments of this industry provide food services for the convenience of the contracting organization or the contracting organization's customers. The contractual arrangement of these establishments with contracting organizations may vary by type of facility operated (e.g., cafeteria, restaurant, fast-food eating place), revenue sharing, cost structure, and personnel provided. Management staff is always provided by food service contractors.

Illustrative Examples:

Airline food service contractors
Food concession contractors (e.g., at sporting, entertainment, convention facilities)
Cafeteria food service contractors (e.g., at schools, hospitals, government offices)

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing food services on a single-event basis--are classified in Industry 722320, Caterers; and
  • Supplying and servicing food vending machines--are classified in U.S. Industry 445132, Vending Machine Operators.
Index Entries for 722310
722310722310722310722310Airline food services contractors
722310722310722310722310Cafeteria food services contractors (e.g., government office cafeterias, hospital cafeterias, school cafeterias)
722310722310722310722310Food concession contractors (e.g., convention facilities, entertainment facilities, sporting facilities)
722310722310722310722310Food service contractors, airline
722310722310722310722310Food service contractors, cafeteria
722310722310722310722310Food service contractors, concession operators (e.g., convention facilities, entertainment facilities, sporting facilities)
722310722310722310722310Food service contractors, industrial
722310722310722310722310Food service contractors, institutional
722310722310722310722310Industrial caterers (i.e., providing food services on a contractual arrangement (except single-event basis))