NAICS Code Description

721310 - Rooming and Boarding Houses, Dormitories, and Workers' Camps

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Target Hospitality CorpYoung MNS Chrstn Assn of N Sho
Worldwide Corporate Housing LPMercy Housing South East
Century Campus Housing Mgt LPDelta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc
Cws Corporate Leasing LLCBeyond Housing Inc
Corportion For Spportive HsingHope Hospice Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating rooming and boarding houses and similar facilities, such as fraternity houses, sorority houses, off campus dormitories, residential clubs, and workers' camps. These establishments provide temporary or longer-term accommodations, which, for the period of occupancy, may serve as a principal residence. These establishments also may provide complementary services, such as housekeeping, meals, and laundry services.

Illustrative Examples:

Dormitories (off campus)
Sorority houses
Fraternity houses
Workers' camps
Rooming houses

Index Entries for 721310
721310721310721310721310Boarding houses
721310721310721310721310Clubs, residential
721310721310721310721310Corporate rooming and boarding houses
721310721310721310721310Dormitories, off campus
721310721310721310721310Fraternity houses
721310721310721310721310Migrant workers' camps
721310721310721310721310Off campus dormitories
721310721310721310721310Residence clubs, organizational
721310721310721310721310Residential clubs
721310721310721310721310Rooming and boarding houses
721310721310721310721310Sorority houses
721310721310721310721310Workers' camps
721310721310721310721310Workers' dormitories