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624221 - Temporary Shelters

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Samaritan Daytop Village IncPhoenix Gospel Mission Inc
Women In Need IncFather Bills & Mainspring Inc
Covenant HouseTransition Projects Inc
People ConcernPlace The Lords Inc
Fresno Rescue Mission IncIM Slzbcher Ctr For Hmless I

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing (1) short-term emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse and/or (2) temporary residential shelter for homeless individuals or families, runaway youth, and patients and families caught in medical crises. These establishments may operate their own shelters or may subsidize housing using existing homes, apartments, hotels, or motels.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing emergency shelter for victims of domestic or international disasters or conflicts are classified in Industry 624230, Emergency and Other Relief Services; and
  • Halfway group homes for delinquents and ex-offenders and homes for unwed mothers are classified in Industry 623990, Other Residential Care Facilities.
Index Entries for 624221
624221624221624221624221Battered women's shelters
624221624221624221624221Emergency shelters (except for victims of domestic or international disasters or conflicts)
624221624221624221624221Homeless shelters
624221624221624221624221Runaway youth shelters
624221624221624221624221Shelters (except for victims of domestic or international disasters or conflicts), emergency
624221624221624221624221Shelters, battered women's
624221624221624221624221Shelters, homeless
624221624221624221624221Shelters, runaway youth
624221624221624221624221Shelters, temporary (e.g., battered women's, homeless, runaway youth)
624221624221624221624221Temporary housing for families of medical patients
624221624221624221624221Temporary shelters (e.g., battered women's, homeless, runaway youth)
624221624221624221624221Women's shelters, battered