NAICS Code Description

517111 - Wired Telecommunications Carriers

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Dish Network CorporationFront Range Topco Inc
Frontier Communications CorpPccw Global Inc
Windstream Holdings IncMediacom Communications Corp
Broadcast Media HoldingsLevel 3 Communications LLC
Cequel Cmmnctions Holdings LLCGoogle International LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating, maintaining, and/or providing access to transmission facilities and infrastructure that they own and/or lease for the transmission of voice, data, text, sound, and video using wired telecommunications networks. Transmission facilities may be based on a single technology or a combination of technologies. Establishments in this industry use the wired telecommunications network facilities that they operate to provide a variety of services, such as wired telephony services, including VoIP services; wired (cable) audio and video programming distribution; and wired broadband Internet services. By exception, establishments providing satellite television distribution services using facilities and infrastructure that they operate are included in this industry.

Illustrative Examples:

Broadband Internet service providers, wired (e.g., cable, DSL)
Cable television distribution services
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) services
Direct-to-home satellite system (DTH) services
Local telephone carriers, wired
Long-distance telephone carriers, wired
Multichannel multipoint distribution services (MMDS)
Satellite television distribution systems
Telecommunications carriers, wired
VoIP service providers, using own operated wired telecommunications infrastructure

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Operating and maintaining wireless telecommunications networks--are classified in U.S. Industry 517112, Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite);
  • Operating television and radio broadcasting networks, including satellite television and radio networks, that produce media programming for distribution through cable, satellite, streaming, or Internet broadcasting--are classified in Industry 516210, Media Streaming Distribution Services, Social Networks, and Other Media Networks and Content Providers;
  • Operating radio and television broadcasting stations--are classified in Industry Group 5161, Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations;
  • Reselling telecommunications services (except satellite telecommunications and agents for wireless telecommunications services), without operating a network--are classified in U.S. Industry 517121, Telecommunications Resellers;
  • Acting as agents for wireless telecommunications services, including operating as agents for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs)--are classified in U.S. Industry 517122, Agents for Wireless Telecommunications Services;
  • Reselling satellite telecommunications services--are classified in Industry 517410, Satellite Telecommunications;
  • Providing Internet access services via client-supplied telecommunications connections (e.g., dial-up ISPs)--are classified in Industry 517810, All Other Telecommunications;
  • Providing voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services via client-supplied telecommunications connections--are classified in Industry 517810, All Other Telecommunications; and
  • Providing expert advice in the field of information technology or in integrating communication and computer systems--are classified in Industry 54151, Computer Systems Design and Related Services.
Index Entries for 517111
517110517110517311517111Cable program distribution operators
517110517110517311517111Cable television distribution services
517110517110517311517111Cable TV providers (except networks)
517110517110517311517111Closed-circuit television (CCTV) services
517110517110517311517111Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) services
517110517110517311517111Direct-to-home satellite system (DTH) services
517110517110517311517111Internet service providers, using own operated wired telecommunications infrastructure (e.g., cable, DSL)
517110517110517311517111Local telephone carriers, wired
517110517110517311517111Long-distance telephone carriers, wired
517110517110517311517111Multichannel multipoint distribution services (MMDS)
517110517110517311517111Online access service providers, using own operated wired telecommunications infrastructure
517110517110517311517111Satellite master antenna television service (SMATV)
517110517110517311517111Satellite television distribution systems
517110517110517311517111Telecommunications carriers, wired
517110517110517311517111Television operations, closed-circuit
517110517110517311517111VoIP service providers, using own operated wired telecommunications infrastructure