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512240 - Sound Recording Studios

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Warner Music Group CorpSound Lounge LLC
Surack Investments CorpOcean Way Recording
Wind-Up Entertainment IncStudio Center Corporation
Universal Music - Z Tunes LLCHit Factory Inc
Westlake Audio IncSunset Sound Recorders

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing the facilities and technical expertise for sound recording in a studio. This industry includes establishments that provide audio production and postproduction services to produce master recordings. These establishments may provide audio services for film, television, and video productions.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Record production and/or releasing, promoting, and distributing sound recordings--are classified in Industry 512250, Record Production and Distribution; and
  • Providing mass duplication of recorded products--are classified in Industry 334610, Manufacturing and Reproducing Magnetic and Optical Media.
Index Entries for 512240
512240512240512240512240Audio recording postproduction services
512240512240512240512240Audio recording restoration services
512240512240512240512240Recording studios, sound, operating on a contract or fee basis
512240512240512240512240Sound recording studios (except integrated record companies)