NAICS Code Description

488490 - Other Support Activities for Road Transportation

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Intertek USA IncNew York State Thruway Auth
Central Florida Exwy AuthABC Bus Companies Inc
American Bureau of ShippingDelaware River & Bay Authority
Ohio Tpk & Infrastructure CommDelaware Rver Jint Toll Brdge
Oklahoma Turnpike AuthorityMaine Turnpike Authority

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing services (except motor vehicle towing) to road network users.

Illustrative Examples:

Bridge, tunnel, and highway operations
Pilot car services (i.e., wide load warning services)
Truck or weighing station operations
Driving services, independent (e.g., automobile, truck delivery)

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing automotive repair and maintenance--are classified in Industry Group 8111, Automotive Repair and Maintenance;
  • Providing towing services to motor vehicles--are classified in Industry 488410, Motor Vehicle Towing;
  • Providing a network for busing in combination with providing terminal services--are classified in Industry 485210, Interurban and Rural Bus Transportation;
  • Providing a network for trucking in combination with providing terminal services--are classified in Subsector 484, Truck Transportation; and
  • Providing transportation services as owner-operators--are classified in Sector 48-49, Transportation and Warehousing, according to primary activity.
Index Entries for 488490
488490488490488490488490Bridge, tunnel, and highway operations
488490488490488490488490Bus terminal operation, independent
488490488490488490488490Cargo surveyors, truck transportation
488490488490488490488490Driving services, independent (e.g., automobile, truck delivery)
488490488490488490488490Independent truck driver (except owner-operators)
488490488490488490488490Inspection or weighing services, truck transportation
488490488490488490488490Loading and unloading at truck terminals
488490488490488490488490Pilot car services (i.e., wide load warning services)
488490488490488490488490Shunting of trailers in truck terminals
488490488490488490488490Snow clearing, highways and bridges, road transportation
488490488490488490488490Snow removal, highway
488490488490488490488490Street cleaning service
488490488490488490488490Toll road operations, highway
488490488490488490488490Truck weighing station operation
488490488490488490488490Trucking terminals, independently operated