NAICS Code Description

423320 - Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers

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A Teichert & Son IncEssroc Holdings LLC
Geneva Rock Products IncEco Material Technologies Inc
M S International IncEm Resources LLC
Specialty Minerals IncEdw C Levy Co
Cemex CorpClark - Pacific Corporation

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of stone, cement, lime, construction sand, and gravel; brick; asphalt and concrete mixtures; and/or concrete, stone, and structural clay products.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Merchant wholesale distribution of refractory brick and other refractory products or industrial sand--are classified in Industry 423840, Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers;
  • Selling ready-mix concrete--are classified in Industry 327320, Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing; and
  • Quarrying, dredging, and/or beneficiating construction sand and gravel--are classified in U.S. Industry 212321, Construction Sand and Gravel Mining.
Index Entries for 423320
423320423320423320423320Asphalt and concrete mixtures merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Bricks (except refractory) merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Building blocks (e.g., cinder, concrete) merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Building stone merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Cement merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Ceramic construction materials (except refractory and ceramic roofing tile) merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Clay construction materials (except refractory and clay roofing tile) merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Coal tar paving materials merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Concrete building products merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Concrete mixtures merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Conduit and pipe, concrete, merchant wholesalers
423320Countertops, stone and concrete, merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Crushed stone merchant wholesalers
423320Culvert pipe, concrete, merchant wholesalers
423320Drywall joint compounds merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Fireplace linings merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Flue pipe and linings merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Gravel, construction, merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Lime (except agricultural) merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Mason's materials merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Paving mixtures merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Plaster merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Sand (except industrial) merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Septic tanks, concrete, merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Sewer pipe, clay (except refractory), merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Slate and slate products merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Stone, building or crushed, merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Structural clay tile (except refractory and clay roofing tile) merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Stucco merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Terra cotta merchant wholesalers
423320423320423320423320Tile, structural clay (except refractory and clay roofing tile) merchant wholesalers