NAICS Code Description

335139 - Electric Lamp Bulb and Other Lighting Equipment Manufacturing

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Acuity Brands IncMidmark Corporation
Philips Rs North America LLCTruck-Lite Co LLC
Cooper Lighting LLCPelican Products Inc
Excelitas Tech Holdings LLCNite Ize Inc
LSI Industries IncMusco Sports Lighting Llc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric light bulbs, tubes, and parts (except glass blanks for electric light bulbs and light emitting diodes (LEDs)), electric lighting fixtures (except residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and vehicular electric lighting fixtures), and nonelectric lighting equipment.

Illustrative Examples:

Christmas tree lighting sets, electric, manufacturing
Electric light bulbs, complete, manufacturing
Fireplace logs, electric, manufacturing
Flashlights manufacturing
Insect lamps, electric, manufacturing
Spotlights (except vehicular) manufacturing
Lanterns (e.g., carbide, electric, gas, gasoline, kerosene) manufacturing
LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs manufacturing
Street lighting fixtures (except traffic signals) manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing glassware and glass parts for lighting fixtures, including glass blanks for electric light bulbs--are classified in Industry 32721, Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing current-carrying wiring devices for lighting fixtures--are classified in U.S. Industry 335931, Current-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing residential electric lighting fixtures--are classified in U.S. Industry 335131, Residential Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing commercial, industrial, and institutional electric lighting fixtures--are classified in U.S. Industry 335132, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing vehicular lighting fixtures--are classified in Industry 336320, Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing light emitting diodes (LEDs)--are classified in U.S. Industry 334413, Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing signaling devices that incorporate electric light bulbs, such as traffic and railway signals--are classified in Industry 334290, Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 335139
335129335129335129335139Arc lighting fixtures (except electrotherapeutic), electric, manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Area and sports luminaries (e.g., stadium lighting fixtures), electric, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Automotive light bulbs manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Bulbs, electric light, complete, manufacturing
335139Christmas tree light bulbs manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Christmas tree lighting sets, electric, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Coating purchased light bulbs
335110335110335110335139Cold cathode fluorescent lamp tubes manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Compact fluorescent light bulbs manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Decorative area lighting fixtures (except residential) manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Decorative lamp bulbs manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Electric lamp bulb parts (except glass blanks and light emitting diodes (LEDs)) manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Electric light bulbs, complete, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Electrodes, cold cathode fluorescent lamp, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Electrotherapeutic lamp bulbs for ultraviolet and infrared radiation manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Filaments for electric lamp bulbs manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Fireplace logs, electric, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Flash bulbs, photographic, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Flashlight bulb manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Flashlights manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Floodlights (i.e., lighting fixtures) manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Fluorescent lamp electrodes, cold cathode, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Fluorescent lamp tubes, electric, manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Flytraps, electrical, manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Fountain lighting fixtures manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Gas lighting fixtures manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Glow lamp bulbs manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Halogen light bulbs manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Health lamp bulbs, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139High intensity lamp bulbs manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Incandescent filament lamp bulbs, complete, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Infrared lamp bulbs manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Infrared lamp fixtures manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Insect lamps, electric, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Lamp bulb parts (except glass blanks and light emitting diodes (LEDs)), electric, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Lamp bulbs and tubes, health, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Lamps, insect, electric fixture, manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Lanterns (e.g., carbide, electric, gas, gasoline, kerosene) manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Lead-in wires, electric lamp, made from purchased wire
335139LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Light bulbs manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Light bulbs, sealed beam automotive, manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Lighting fixtures, airport (e.g., approach, ramp, runway, taxi), manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Lighting fixtures, nonelectric (e.g., propane, kerosene, carbide), manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Mercury halide lamp bulbs manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Miner's lamps manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Ornaments, Christmas tree, electric, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Photoflash and photoflood lamp bulbs and tubes manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Prewired poles, brackets, and accessories for electric lighting, manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Reflectors for lighting equipment, metal, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Sealed beam automotive light bulbs manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Searchlights, electric and nonelectric, manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Sodium vapor lamp bulbs manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Spotlights (except vehicular) manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Stage lighting equipment manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Street lighting fixtures (except traffic signals) manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Strobotrons manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Swimming pool lighting fixtures manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Trouble lights manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Ultraviolet lamp bulbs manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Ultraviolet lamp fixtures manufacturing
335129335129335129335139Underwater lighting fixtures manufacturing
335110335110335110335139Vapor lamps, electric, manufacturing