NAICS Code Description

334610 - Manufacturing and Reproducing Magnetic and Optical Media

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Sony Corporation of AmericaWea International Inc
Historic TW IncTime Warner Companies Inc
Sony Dadc US IncNajafi Companies LLC
Technicolor HM Entrmt Svcs IncAtlantic Recording Corp

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) manufacturing optical and magnetic media, such as blank audio tapes, blank video tapes, and blank diskettes, and/or (2) mass duplicating (i.e., making copies) audio, video, software, and other data on magnetic, optical, and similar media. These establishments do not generally develop software or produce audio or video content.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Designing, developing, and publishing software--are classified in Industry 513210, Software Publishers; and
  • Motion picture and sound recording production and distribution--are classified in Subsector 512, Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries.
Index Entries for 334610
334613334613334613334610Audiotape, blank, manufacturing
334613334613334613334610Blank tapes, audio and video, manufacturing
334612334614334614334610Cassette tapes, prerecorded audio, mass reproducing
334611334614334614334610CD-ROM, software, mass reproducing
334611334614334614334610Compact discs (i.e., CD-ROM), software, mass reproducing
334612334614334614334610Compact discs, prerecorded audio, mass reproducing
334613334613334613334610Compact discs, recordable or rewritable, blank, manufacturing
334613334613334613334610Computer software tapes and disks, blank, rigid and floppy, manufacturing
334613334613334613334610Diskettes, blank, manufacturing
334611334614334614334610Game cartridge software, mass reproducing
334611334614334614334610Games, computer software, mass reproducing
334613334613334613334610Hard drive media (disk drive platters) manufacturing
334613334613334613334610Head cleaners for magnetic tape equipment, manufacturing
334612334614334614334610Laser disks, prerecorded video, mass reproducing
334613334613334613334610Magnetic and optical media, blank, manufacturing
334613334613334613334610Magnetic recording media for tapes, cassettes, and disks, manufacturing
334613334613334613334610Magnetic tapes, cassettes and disks, blank, manufacturing
334612334614334614334610Phonograph records manufacturing
334611334614334614334610Prepackaged software, mass reproducing
334612334614334614334610Prerecorded magnetic audio tapes and cassettes mass reproducing
334611334614334614334610Software, packaged, mass reproducing
334613334613334613334610Tapes, magnetic recording (i.e., audio, data, video), blank, manufacturing
334613334613334613334610Video cassettes, blank, manufacturing
334612334614334614334610Video cassettes, prerecorded, mass reproducing
334612334614334614334610Video tape or disk mass reproducing
334613334613334613334610Video tapes, blank, manufacturing