NAICS Code Description

334310 - Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing

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Lg Electronics USA IncHarman International Inds Inc
Sony Electronics IncDolby Laboratories Inc
Vizio Holding CorpChamberlain Manufacturing Corp
Sonos IncKnowles Corporation
Toshiba America IncUniversal Electronics Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic audio and video equipment for home entertainment, motor vehicles, and public address and musical instrument amplification. Examples of products made by these establishments are digital video recorders, televisions, stereo equipment, speaker systems, household-type video cameras, jukeboxes, and amplifiers for musical instruments and public address systems.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing photographic (i.e., still and motion picture) equipment--are classified in Industry 333310, Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing phonograph needles and cartridges--are classified in Industry 33441, Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing auto theft alarms or video-based stadium displays--are classified in Industry 334290, Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing mobile radios, such as citizens band and FM transceivers for household or motor vehicle uses; studio and broadcast video cameras; and cable decoders and satellite television equipment--are classified in Industry 334220, Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 334310
334310334310334310334310Amplifiers (e.g., auto, home, musical instrument, public address) manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Automobile radio receivers manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Camcorders manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Car stereos manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Clock radios manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Coin- or card-operated jukebox manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Compact disc players (e.g., automotive, household-type) manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Digital video disc players manufacturing
334310334310334310334310DVD (digital video disc) players manufacturing
334310E-book readers (i.e., dedicated) manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Home stereo systems manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Home tape recorders and players (e.g., cartridge, cassette, reel) manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Home theater audio and video equipment manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Jukeboxes manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Loudspeakers manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Microphones (except broadcast and studio equipment) manufacturing
334310Personal audio and video headsets, including virtual reality headsets, manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Portable stereo systems manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Projection television manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Public address systems and equipment manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Radio headphones manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Radio receiving sets manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Speaker systems manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Tape players and recorders, household-type, manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Television (TV) sets manufacturing
334310334310334310334310TV (television) sets manufacturing
334310334310334310334310VCR (video cassette recorder) manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Video cameras, household-type, manufacturing
334310334310334310334310Video cassette recorders (VCR) manufacturing
334310Video projectors, household-type, manufacturing